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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Eristavi Wine vs. Eristoff Vodka from Bacardi: "wine story" sounds better for me...

Few weeks ago I wrote about one of the noblest Georgian families of Eristavi (Eristoff) and then there was another post from me talking about new Bacardi Vodka – Eristoff, advertised these days in many countries.

Well, I don’t drink vodka much and I can’t judge quality of Eristoff vodka. I was just a bit concerned about accuracy of branding and promoting it as a “100% grain vodka” which is ridiculous, given an old and very well known tradition of grape 'chacha' (Georgian grape vodka) in Georgia, as grain is not very much cultivated in Georgia, specifically in that mountainous part of the country,Bacardi was mentioning in the Eristoff vodka story.

Anyway, further research of Eristavi (Eristoff) ‘brand’ helped me to find another product associated with it, and I would say more ‘user friendly’ for me personally – wine!

Looks like there is a local Californian winery, called Eristavi Winery. This information below is from their website:

“Master Vintner Victor Eristavi passionately instills a unique combination of old-world winemaking techniques and modern technology to create his handcrafted wines – while capturing the essence of distinct California grape varietals.”

Eristavi winemakers does not claim they are affiliated with any Eristavi Dukes or Princes, like Bacardi does, but honestly I have more trust in Georgian wine called Eristavi, then in Georgian “100% grape” vodka called Eristoff. However, Eristavi winery has a coat of arms, supposedly Eristavi coat of arms.

This is, I guess, more for decoration purposes, but at the same reminding us that Eristavi is not just another Georgian last name, but has long history and great traditions.

Well, back to Georgian wines in California from Eristavi Winery. They feature 3 wines:

2009 Zinfandel: “Medium bodied vintage offers delicious aromas of red cherry and raspberry fruit. The silky mouthfeel reveals a touch of dark chocolate and spicy oak leading to a gorgeous finish. Made in elegant and balanced style, making it an ideal for an array of hearty dishes”

2009 Zinfandel is an award winning wine from Dry Creek Valley. Retail price is $30 and you can buy it online here

Syrah 2009 – “Deep violet color packed with rich ripe fruit and berry flavors with a touch of spiciness. A rich, smooth wine that is well-balanced with a delightful subtle aftertaste. 2009 Syrah is another award winning wine, but this one is from Amador County and priced $28 per bottle. Can be ordered online here.

Sauvignon Blanc 2010 “This is a refreshingly crisp and fruity sauvignon well balanced wine flavorful and smooth, made for daily enjoyment” 2010 Sauvignon Blanc comes from Contra Costa County and I actually plan to start Eristavi wine tasting from this one. It’s priced just $25, but the reason is not the price – I just like Sauvignon wines and this one should be a great representative of this class. To order, follow the link here.

Anyway, Eristavi (Eristoff) is definitely a great brand and product like wine fits perfectly for the business strategy. Especially if you chief winemaker’s name is Eristavi. I plan to taste those wines and may be some time later will post a review on my experience. But if you are not passionate enough to wait, read what others are saying about Eristavi wine and just give it a try, order it online:

2009 Syrah Review at, Rating: 13.5 / 20: “The Eristavi Winery's award winning 2009 Syrah has been selected as's wine of the week for July 18, 2011.” : “Natural Aphrodisiac and Gourmet Foods, Wine, Romantic Travel”

2009 Zinfandel Review at, Rating: 14.5 / 20: “Aromas of red cherry and raspberry lead to a silky mouthfeel with touches of dark chocolate and spicy oak.”