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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tbilisi Artisterium 2011

Since couple of years popularisation of the Georgian culture (the cultural heritage as well as the contemporary arts) was made one of priorities of the cultural policy. Starting from 2007 a program called „Georgian Season“ was initiated by the Ministry of Culture of Georgia in order to serve this purpose. Despite the fact that numerous important and successful projects were carried out within its framewok, contemporary Georgian art scene still is in search of its place in global art “landscape”. Many issues remain unsolved.

Georgia witnessed numerous attempts to organise international exhibitions and biennales starting from the end of the 90ies. Since two years Tbilisi became a host of an international exhibition/art forum of contemporary arts “Artisterium”. Participants of this event come from all over the world.

International symposium on contemporary arts “Transrelation” is scheduled in parallel to “Artisterium”. It offers the participants (experts, curators, art critics, artists, invited guests) an opportunity to discuss urgent issues of contemporary arts and at the same time visit “Artisterium” and get familiar with representatives of local and international art scene and their works.