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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Creative architectural solution will be used in Tbilisi, Georgia

Another architectural design innovation will be installed on one of the building in Tbilisi, Georgia in September of 2011.

The external facade of a building in Tbilisi will be clad with Cymat’s Alusion large cell two-sided open panels.'s Levan Mushkudiani wanted a new and creative cladding for the project and chose the Alusion panel.

The architectural product Alusion would be used to clad a uniquely shaped building in Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi. The cladding would cover an area of 12,000 m2 in a multifunctional complex. The shape of the outwardly sloping building would make it distinct from other buildings in the city.

Alusion product metallic luster combined with a variety of finishes, each of which offers a distinctive surface that cannot be exactly reproduced, can add a signature touch to any work of architecture.

Cladding product that will be used in Tbilisi is used for many unique modern design solutions. Here is the list of most interesting examples from around the world.

The external cladding project in Tbilisi represents Cymat's first order in the region. Valued at more than $700,000, it is the company’s second largest external cladding order.

Cymat's President and COO, David Fowler stated that the order marks an important breakthrough for the company to enter into a new region. He added that the order had to be produced and delivered within six weeks for installation in September 2011, and proves the improved manufacturing process of the company.