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Saturday, July 23, 2011

5 Days of War/ 5 Days of August/ Georgia movie review

Usually movies about war are just collections of special effects, cool weapons and fights. This movie has it all, but great thing about this movie that it very precisely conveys the key idea of this short, but bloody war in August 2008 - Russia tries very hard to hide every evidence, every fact of what was happening in reality during this war. Occupation, mass killings of Georgians, torture and looting.

First, the movie is very accurate in showing the sequence of events, exactly as they were happening. If you followed news that days, you could easily see that. This is the first thing Russian official propaganda machine wants everybody to forget.

Second, the movie shows real people who lost their family members, sons and daughters, fathers and mothers in this war. This is scary, but watch the movie till the very end and you won't stay indifferent. You will just feel emotions, true emotions, true pain of these people and you will cry... This is so painful.

Third, the movie does a good job showing Georgia, landscapes, churches, places and sights...showing Georgian people. It should be interesting for those who never been in Georgia as they are not many modern movies about Georgia. War is not the best time to depict the beauty of any country, but still, the movie captures it quite well.

And, by the way, you could see some really historical places, like Stalin square with a Stalin's statue. If you didn't know, town of Gori is the birthplace of the Soviet bloody dictator Stalin. Russian occupation army destroyed almost everything in Gori, but they didn't touch one thing - Stalin's monument. Stalin is Putin's army spiritual leader and again, the movie conveys it perfectly. The key episode of the movie happens on the Stalin square under the monument. This is very important to mention. After 5 days of August war in 2008 Georgian people finally decide to get rid of this bloody dictator's statue. There is no more Stalin on that square in Gori but in the movie you could see this really historical site with the statue...

Finally, as I mentioned the movie plot is built around the main idea of this war - Russia tried very hard to hide everything about this war, about massacre they arranged in Georgia. War started same day as Olympic games and movie reminds us about it. Five journalists were killed by Russian occupation troops and this is another fact - Russia was hunting journalists more than anybody else during this war.

Interesting to see bunch of (I bet, hired) reviewers of this movie, who ranked it 1 star saying that this movie is nothing else but "tasteless American propaganda". Seems like they appeared and registered on amazon just to review this single movie and say that it's all false. I think this is just another good example of how Russia is afraid of any truth about this War, even a Hollywood movie scares them...

Don't fall in the trap of KGB propagandists - watch the movie till the end... see these people, look into their eyes, listen their short stories... The truth will ALWAYS find its way out. Collapse of evil Soviet empire confirmed that 20 years ago. Collapse of evil Putin's empire will confirm it again.. very soon.

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To order this movie in US, read my post here. Keep in mind that the movie DVD is coded as 'region 2', so you won't be able to watch it straight on your regular dvd player bought in US, unless is reads 'region' 2 (European) DVDs. Phillips DVD players usually do.
OR just watch this DVD without any restriction on your PC or laptop. It should work there without a problem.