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Thursday, June 23, 2011

SilkNet TV in Georgia

The FINANCIAL -- SilkNet, one of the leading communication operators in Georgia, is offering Silk TV users a new video collection for free until September.

Silk TV subscribers are able to order over 400 movies through the VoD (Video on Demand) service.

Silk TV is new generation interactive television being implemented by Silknet since September 2010. Currently the service is available in Tbilisi and Batumi with already 14,000 subscribers switched to the Silk TV service. Batumi is the second city in Georgia where Silknet has been implementing its project. According to Ramaz Kukuladze, Deputy Director General of Silknet, the next destination will be Kutaisi.

“Silknet invested tens of millions of GEL in the development of Silk TV. The major investments were in modernization of the network: converting from copper cables to fibre optic cables and the proper functioning of infrastructure,” said Kukuladze in his last interview with The FINANCIAL.

According to the order issued by the Georgian National Communications Commission (GNCC) all of the cable companies operating in Georgia, whose number tops 90, have been demanded to quit the rebroadcasting of NTV channels”. The order was based on the statement by Super TV cable company.

Silk TV has already replaced NTV channels with Video on Demand (VoD). The novelty was introduced at a press conference last week.

“Due to the fact that our company is first of all oriented at its consumers, we are implementing a new, unprecedented video collection on the market. It’s a completely new service. At the moment together with the 400 films we also offer 187 Georgian movies,” said Daraseli, Head of the PR Department of Silknet.

“We are holding negotiations with different movie rental companies and movie studios including Georgian ones. Every Friday we are going to add 5 new films, including documentary films, cartoons, high ranked soap operas and classic movies. We are giving our subscribers the gift of movie collections,” Daraseli said.

According to Kukuladze all of the movies that will be included in the video collection will be licensed. The company will try its best to give subscribers the opportunity to see all new movies, for that reason it is negotiating with movie directors and movie rental companies.

“This is a very new service that we are offering our consumers. VoD service is only implemented in a few countries, where it works successfully. We will always try to offer people the highest rating movies in order to satisfy the needs of our consumers. We do promise that this is not the final version of the product and we will be trying to improve it constantly. We will be offering many novelties soon,” Kukuladze said.

“At the same time we are holding negotiations with the company НТВ and we do hope that they will be successful,” Kukuladze said.

According to company officials, Silknet is going to open 7 innovative service centres in 2011. New service centres will be opened in Saburtalo, Gldani, and Avlabari districts of Tbilisi . The company is planning to develop fibre optic internet and TV service throughout the whole territory of Georgia including the different regions.

Silknet offered a new, joint Triple Pay package to its consumers not long ago. Silknet offers its subscribers 3 services, phone, internet and TV in one joint package. Subscribers who accept the triple offer enjoy special discounts and have to pay much less than if using the products separately.

“Subscribers who use this triple offer may be able to pay from one account which makes payment procedures easier. Permanent improvement of our internet network has made us get closer to this new package. DSL and optic network subscribers are able to use this package. The minimum cost of the package is 44 GEL. This sum includes the cost of telephone and internet andTV channels,” Daraseli said.

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