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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tbilisi State Academy of Arts

Tbilisi State Academy of Arts is the oldest higher art academic institution, and thus, the oldest art University in the most easterly point of  Europe. It, in the very core of the subject, expresses the confluence of cumulative knowledge, gained experience and tendencies  in the field of visual art. It’s the kind of a center for classifying  and systematizing, where there’s organically tied the tendencies and traditions, being  established in  Eastern and Western visual culture. It doesn’t mean that it’s only confluence or the kind of a  bridge- transitional transcultural area, but primarily it, itself, is the organic member of the Eastern-Western cultural consciousness synthesis.

Like any kind of study process, the same is with us - teaching academic experience is based on classical knowledge. The general processes of making conscious and systematic,  gives resiliency to the higher institution of our type. The principles: openness, being acceptable and going through the process of making conscious and cognitive, promotes the study methodology, making it richer.

The process in this way is started at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts long ago, providing wide-range training through its five faculties, including the faculty of pure scientific-research character - Restoration/conservation and art history and theory; as well as the faculty of acutely creative character - faculty of fine arts, including painting, graphics, sculpture, movie, theatre and TV arts; and also,  two faculties of creative-scientific directions - architecture (with diverse profiles) and media arts (with diverse profiles, too). Besides this, there’s functioning the  powerful faculty of design, that unites many specialties.

All the above said, gives us opportunity to act in divers profiles, because our concept includes the university academic basis, as well as higher, professional and art branches. Consequently, we act as if the Umbrella Principle. The fundament for the university stages (Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctor’s degree programs) is built  by crafts school and higher professional school. Basing  on these principles, we have opportunity to become compatible with the higher institutions of our profiles, and not only; to cooperate with these  institutions, send our students and receive their ones in the framework of exchange programs.  From this point of view, it’s vital for us  to be compatible with the common evaluation credit system ECTS, that is already implemented in our academy.

Exchange of students and professors, carrying out joint scientific and creative projects are our priority directions. It provides us with working  up the principle of being the cultural bridge and cultural space-filling  between West and East. In this direction,  the  Tbilisi State Academy of Arts actively acts long ago. We’ve  established cooperation with Eastern, as well as European and American higher art institutions and universities.

In the field of Restoration-conservation, we’re actively co-operating with the Isfahan Art Academy in  Iran. Besides this, in 2007 we’ve established creative project and arranged our professor’s exhibition in the Tehran University, Iran.

There was successfully started the  project with Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey  - in 2006-2007, we’ve carried out  two creative projects - exhibitions exchange, and now we’re working out the students and professors exchange project.

We’ve signed the cooperation agreement with Cairo Ain Shams University. According to the agreement, the first  creative  project by Arabian colleagues will be established in Tbilisi , in May. There’s prepared the co-operation agreement draft with Art Academy of China Republic and in close future our delegation planes to visit Peking for negotiations.

It’s several years  that we’re actively cooperating with the Harriman Institute of the Columbia University, New-York. In 2007, in  New-York, by the initiative and joint efforts  of the Harriman Institute and Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, there was established  the international symposium devoted to Georgian art, and participated by famous Georgian and foreign scientists.

We’re actively cooperating with one of the leader higher institutions of Spain- Complutense University, Madrid. Now we’re working on the agreement draft.

It’s essential for us to be open to everyone, to the West, and East as well, as it was historically done. It’s our major goal to be attractive and interesting for others and be in constant dialog with other cultures.

We believe that the  initiatives, set up by our academy,  will renovate intercultural dialog bridge and in these processes our institution will make significant contribution.

 Official website of the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts:

Giorgi Bughadze
Professor, Rector of the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts