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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tbilisi International Student Film Festival starts next week

The Amirani International Student Film Festival will kick off in Tbilisi on May 17 and close its doors on May 21. The festival is organized entirely by students from Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film University. (

Genres: Documentary, Short, Student

Festival Overview: Festival aims to invite students, up comer filmmakers, to take part in this festival, which will give them the access to meet with future colleagues from different countries, present their works and to take part in master classes, workshops, debates and discussions.

Festival aims to became a meeting point for the Film schools and Professors for exchanges of teaching skills and debating the problems.

Festival Aims
* Provide support of students in their carrier development and professional skills.
* Popularization of the work of students
* Give the opportunities to create common sphere supporting cultural and professional development of both local and international level.
* Provide incentives for young artists to devote more attention and responsibility to obtaining their future professions and create new and worthy pieces of art.

History: The history of the Student short film festival "Amirani" began in September in 1978. This was running as biannual till the end of 1986. During his ten year of existence it's became one of the important film events in Soviet Union and East Europe. The remarkable filmmakers like Otar Ioseliani, Merab Kokochashvili, Rezo Esadze, Leonid Gaidai, Nikoloz Maschenko, Sergei Izraeliani took part as jury members.

Awards: more than 5 nominations including best film, director, photography and jury special prize.

Entries: Open to the public

Eligibility: Any student of Film school or film deparment

The main venue for the festival will be Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgian State University, but on 19th of May Tbilisi Goethe Institute will host it.

Contact Administrator: Levan Khetaguri

Festival Review By Salome Kobalava

After the submitted films are subjected to a strict selection process, the audience will see student works from eighteen countries. This year, the festival expects to receive guest students from leading cinema schools worldwide, including participants from Germany, Poland, Israel, Moscow, Estonia, Turkey, Iran, Lithuania, Ukraine, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

“The upcoming event will offer better quality products thanks to the financial support of its sponsors and an improvement in the technical framework,” Amirani International Communications Director Jaba Sikharulidze said in an interview with Georgia Today. He added that unlike previous years, organizers expect some of the main prizes will stay in Georgia this time.

With the support of the Georgian National Film Center, for the first time in the Amirani Student Film Festival’s history, a student co-production will be arranged and a “One-Shot Movie’” will be produced by them. Ingo Biermann, a young director from Germany, will present works of New Generation Movies from Germany on the festival.

In addition to the student participants, leading academics and directors are also expected to visit Tbilisi, including the Head of Geneva University’s art and design department, Jean-Pierre Greff. Members of the International Jury are Bogdan Dzivorsky from Poland, Ineke Smith from the Netherlands, Andrea Wink from Germany, Dover Qosashvili from Israel and Marina Kereselidze from Georgia.

Traditionally, all members of the Festival’s jury holds master classes for University students. Amirani 2011 will see four distinguished works presented with the festival’s prestigious award, in the documentary, animation, feature and experimental film categories.

The goal of the Festival as Sikharulidze explained is artistic networking and communication which sadly, is absent. “It is extremely difficult to send a large number of students abroad to ensure that they communicate with directors, professors, cinema school managers or even students to create co -productions. Therefore, we find it more effective to host guests from abroad. We try to invite and present diverse culture, knowledge, experience and interests here, in Tbilisi”. He added that the Festival’s reputation and popularity is growing, among both students and guests.

The Amirani International Student Film Festival is the only festival in the region designed for students and cinema schools. It boasts a rich history and increasing interest.

The Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film University first held the Amirani Festival in 1978. At its inception it was considered the most independent and liberal cinema festival in the whole of the Soviet Union. In the 1990s, after the collapse of communism, the Festival ceased to be held as Georgia fell into war and chaos. In 2007, the university re-established the Festival, making it an annual event that has become a worthy successor to its twentieth-century predecessor.

The history of the Festival’s jury panel is a role call of renowned Georgian artists including Otar Ioseliani, Merab Kokochashvili and Rezo Esadze.

Supported by Tbilisi City Hall, the Georgian National Film Center, the Civil Institutionalism Development Fund, Tbilisi French Institute, the Embassy of Israel, the Goethe Institute Tbilisi, the Embassy of Switzerland, “Sky Bridge”, Tato Fund and other financial partners, the Festival will offer a number of innovations to its cinema loving audience.