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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pirosmani's new masterpiece "The Wounded Soldier" found in Georgia

A new painting by Niko Pirosmani, a Georgian primitivist painter of the 19-20th centuries, has been discovered during the investigation of one of criminal cases by the prosecutor`s office of Tbilisi.

The law enforcers found eight paintings in total, one of which turned out a Wounded Soldier by Nicala. Seven other paintings belong to Russian and Italian painters of the 19-20 centuries.

Experts have already confirmed that the Wounded Soldier is the masterpiece by Pirosmani. All eight paintings have cultural value and they will be handed over to the National Gallery of Georgia.

The details of the case was reported at the special briefing held in Tbilisi prosecutor`s office today.
Reported by Rustavi2