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Monday, May 2, 2011

New Georgian Parliament building in Kutaisi - Great architecture project design pictures revealed

The author of the new Georgian Parliament building project is a Spanish architect Alberto Domingo Kabo, already known in Georgia due to his project of the Internal Affair Ministry (Police) building in Tbilisi, which looks more like a high-tech science center than the security agency office building.

The project developed by this architect for Kutaisi, assumes the creation of a seven-storey building with 217 rooms and large conference room for parliamentarians. But this "conventional" construction will be covered with a huge glass dome, laying on thirty semi-circle curved metal beams, the length of the largest of which is more than 200 yards.

According Alberto Domingo Kabo, this glass dome should embody lightness and transparency but at the same time symbolize the power of the Georgia. To emphasize the idea of strength and power, the central entrance to the Parliament building will look like a tree made of steel, taking roots in the earth but elevating its branches in to the Georgian sky.

Construction of this building in Kutaisi is in full swing. It is already completed construction of so-called "zero level" and it will soon start construction of the main levels. If nothing unforeseen happens, the new building will host the first meeting of the Georgian Parliament in early 2012.