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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Is there a Georgian Orthodox Church in USA and Canada?

I did a quick research of Georgian Orthodox Church parishes in United States and found two websites that have information on Georgian language. The first one and it is probably the only one Georgian parish of the Orthodox Christian Church in North America is St. Tamar Georgian Orthodox Church. Their website is in development stage and there is not much information there. The church is located in Rockville Maryland, not far from Washington DC and complete address is below: 

Saint Tamar Georgian Orthodox Church, 12221 Parklawn Drive, #212, Rockville, Maryland 20852 USA,, Phone: (240) 720-6186 

When I am in Washington DC next time I will definitely stop by Saint Tamar Georgian Orthodox Church. What I was able to find out from the website is that there is a Georgian school at this Church, where kids can learn Georgian language - basics of alphabet, writing and speaking. Also they are actively fundraising for the constructing a new church building. You can make your donations in person, bank transfer or just using paypal.

Also I found out that last year in November with support of the Georgian Association in the United States they organized a fundraising festival. Here is a brochure from this event and message from the organizers:

"The Georgian Association in the United States would like to invite you to the first ever Georgian Festival in the Washington, DC area, organized by the parish and friends of the St. Tamar's Georgian Orthodox Church. The purpose of the Festival is to share the spiritual and cultural heritage of Georgia presented by Georgian-Americans and friends of Georgia in the United States. The festival will offer opportunities to listen to traditional Georgian chanting and watch stage performances, try famous Georgian dishes and enjoy Georgian wines. In addition, the visitors will be able to purchase traditional Georgian souvenirs and artwork by Georgian-American artists."

The second Orthodox Church parish with some info in Georgian is St. Paul the Apostle
Orthodox Church
located in Las Vegas - 5400 Annie Oakley Drive in Las Vegas, minutes from McCarran Airport. Here is their website address: They have information about the church and schedule of services in almost all languages of Orthodox Christianity, including Georgian. Here is their webpage that features Georgian:

Complete directory of all Orthodox Parishes in America (about 220 locations on 11 pages) could be found here.

If you have information about other Georgian Orthodox Church parishes in US and/or Canada or any Orthodox church that features Georgian language on website or does service in Georgina, please leave your comment to this post.