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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Google introduces Georgian in the list of "alpha languages" in Google Translator - How can you contribute to make it better

Google recently added Georgian language in their list of tested languages for Google Translator. This group is called "alpha languages". Tested languages have less-reliable translation quality than main supported languages. I personally used it several times and it works better for news and formal texts, but not so good for book articles and publications. I am not very good in Georgian myself, but I know that this blog attracts many Georgian speaking users. I encourage you to use Georgian translator in Google more often and when possible contribute to improving its quality. Google explains how we can do it:

"If you notice that one of our translations could be better, click the "Contribute a better translation" link on the results page to suggest improvements. You can also help improve translation quality by using Translator Toolkit for translating or by uploading your translation memories into Translator Toolkit.

Today, for example when completing an article about Chidaoba (ჭიდაობა - Jacket Wrestling) - I added this term in google.translate. Here is the snapshot below. When you translate something and didn't find translation accurate enough, just click on Google suggested translation and change it. Your changes won't be reflected immediately as I think Google will need somehow to verify and double-check your corrections. You will help to improve quality of Georgian translation and to promote Georgian language on the web.