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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fiber optic network by Silknet will cover the whole territory of Georgia

The FINANCIAL -- Silknet, one of the leading providers of internet and phone communication in Georgia, plans to cover the whole territory of Georgia with a fibre optic network, say its officials.

As Giorgi Gugunishvili, Director General of Silknet says, the company is planning to develop fibre optic internet and TV service in the regions of Georgia soon.
“Our company is ready to offer TV service to all internet users. We plan to introduce a fibre optic network in Tbilisi and afterwards offer this service to the regions too. We think that we’ll double the number of internet users in the next year. We are going to offer TV services in different regions of Georgia. At the moment Silk TV is available in Adjara and we plan to develop it in Poti, Kutaisi and in all the big cities of Georgia,” Gugunishvili said.

Last week Radisson Blue Iveria hotel hosted a Silknet press conference regarding the company’s new product. Silknet is offering its clients a joint package of telephone, internet and TV services. Subscribers who accept the triple offer enjoy special discounts and have to pay much less than if using the products separately.

“We offer consumers 3 Silknet services - phone, internet and TV in one, joint package. Subscribers who use this triple offer may be able to pay from one account which makes payment procedures easier. Permanent improvement of our internet network has made us get closer to this new package. DSL and optical network subscribers are able to use this package. The minimum cost of the package is 44 GEL. This sum includes the cost of telephone and internet and 48 TV channels,” said Nino Daraseli, Head of the PR Department of Silknet.

“Fibre optic internet is available in Tbilisi districts Saburtalo, Vake, Dighomi, Didi Digomi. We are going to develop and add more districts of Tbilisi and soon offer our services throughout the city. At the moment customers can become subscribers of our DSL package in any part of the city,” Daraseli said.

“With this new offer we are creating additional comfort for our clients. Those subscribers who use our internet, TV and phone may be able to pay the sum for all 3 services with one account. The cost of this product is very advantageous,”Gugunishvili said.

According to Ramaz Kukuladze, First Deputy Director of Silknet, it’s the best time to be offering a triple pay package to their customers.

“We are soon going to offer installation of IPTV to our clients who aren’t able to use our fibre optic internet service until we arrange this service in their district. We are keeping on improving the current services of our company and continuing to offer novelties to our clients,” Kukuladze said.

“Today our company offers all of the services based on the newest technologies. Development of the country and society depends on receiving information as quickly as possible. We can manage to offer all kinds of products with the newest technologies,” Gugunishvili said.

According to Gugunishvili the cost of the triple service package starts from 44 GEL and can go up to 149 GEL. It depends on what kind of demand we have from subscribers.

“I remain positive about this new package. I think that this package will be much in demand as it is the 21st century and people are interested in things like that,” Gugunishvili said.

Silknet is going to open 7 innovative service centres in 2011 according to company representatives. In her last interview with The FINANCIAL Nino Daraseli said that new service centres will be opened in Saburtalo, Gldani, Didube and Avlabari districts of Tbilisi .