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Friday, May 13, 2011

Detailed Biography of Michael Gregor, born Mikheil Grigorashvili, one of the Aviation pioneers of Russian Empire, USA and Canada

M. Grigorashvili - a pilot of Blériot XI which he modified himself
(read about  this at Alexander P. de Seversky wikipedia record)
M. Grigorashvili - back row, second from right.
Participants and organizers of the first aviation flight in history from St.Petersburg to Moscow, July 1911

M. Grigorashvili - first from right with colleagues. FBD-1 (Fighter-Dive Bomber) designed by M.Grigorashvili in 1938
1888, February 6 – Mikheil Grigorashvili born in Derbent.
1906 - Graduated from Gymnasium (College) and enrolled at Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg Institute of Railway Engineers.
1907 - Was one of the initiators to introduce an optional course of Aeronautics into the curriculum of the Institute.
1908, January 19 - was a founding member of the Imperial All-Russian Aero Club.
1909, October 4 - has been one of the founders of Russia's first student’s aeronautic club.
1908-1910 – Chief Editor of the magazine “Aeromobile”
1909 -1910 - Mechanic of the First Russian Association of Aeronautics and one of the constructors of the aircraft “Russia B”.
1911, July 15 – Received a pilot’s license Breve № 577 in France.
1911 - Mikheil Grigorashvili became one of the first Russian pilots.
1911 - 1912 – Worked as a instructor at All-Russian Aero Club. Aviation touring across Russia.
1913, April – Was the first in the Institute and one of the first in Russia to defend thesis in Aeronautics subject.
1913 - 1914 - Worked as an engineer for the construction of railroads in the Railways Office. Cooperated with the aircraft designer A.A.  Porohovschikov. Begin the development of propellers of his own design.
1914 - 1915 - Head of Technical Office Work at the aircraft factory of S.S. Shchetinin.
1915 - 1917 – Worked as the chief designer at the aviation factory of R.F. Meltzer. Organized design, testing and production of propellers of his own design. Leader of Russian propeller construction and manufacturing.
1916 - 1917 – Service as a commissioned officer in the Aviation and Automotive squad, and then in the Office of Military Air Fleet.
1918, March – Mikheil Grigorashvili immigrated to the Republic of Georgia.
1918-1921 – Service in the Ministry of Communications of the Republic of Georgia.
1921 - After the occupation of Georgia by Soviet Russia was forced to immigrate to the United States, worked as an engineer  in the company "Gellendet Aircraft Corporation"
1921-1923 – Designer at "Dayton-Wright Company"
1923-1928 - Senior Designer "Curtis-Wright Corporation"
1926 – Mikheil Grigorashvili became a U.S. citizen.
1928-1932 - Chief designer "Bird Aircraft company"
1931-1934 – Deputy chief designer at "Seversky Aircraft Corporation"
1934-1935 - President and Chief Designer of "Gregor Aircraft Corporation"
1937-1940 - Chief Designer of "Canadian Car And Foundry Company"
1940-1944 - Teacher at Guggenheim Higher School of Aeronautics.
1943 - Chief constructor and designer at "Dunbar Manufacturing"
1944-1953 - Deputy chief designer at "Chase Aircraft Corporation. Collaboration with S.M. Stroukoff.
1953 - Died in New York.

Source: Mikheil L. Grigorashvili, 1888-1953 (Scientific and biographical literature)
Author: Mikheev, VR, Publisher: Science-M, 2005., Series: Scientific and biographical literature
ISBN: 5-02-033655-6