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Monday, April 4, 2011

Traditional Georgian tavern - Brewery Mirzaani

In 1905-20 Merchant Shakro had owned a tavern at Vorontsovi square. This was the favorite place for many merchants, artists and poets. As it is heard, in a big hall of the tavern, Great Vazha-Pshavela had been used to say his poetry and Nikala Pirosmani had been used to paint his muse. The history goes on and now, since many ages, the old tavern, nowadays Brewery "Mirzaani" hosts its guests.

It’s already two years, since our chain successfully exercises its business in Georgian market. It has own brewery and includes 6 Restaurants, five in Tbilisi and the sixth - in Kutaisi. "Mirzaani" offers to its clients the best service, the dishes made from natural products and three kinds of beer "Pilsen" Beer, "Wheat" Beer, Black Ale.
We are the first company offering the customers "Wheat" Beer - brewed on the spot.

MIRZAANI - Cosy place for a meeting.

If you want really good Georgian food in a great atmosphere, this is the place. Excellent place to meet with friends.

Contact Information
Mirzaani Brewery
Melikishvili Str. #12
Tsinamdzgvrishvili Str. #14, Tsereteli Ave. #140, Tbilisi Central, Uznadze Str. #41 
0179 Tbilisi
Phone: (+995 32) 221227