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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

International Tourism Fair in Tbilisi (Apr 14-16, 2011)

13th International Caucasian Tourism Fair "CTF 2011" was held in Expo
Georgia on April 14-16. The event is organized by National Tourism
Agency and Expo Georgia. The exposition was opened by Minister of
Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, Vera Kobalia; she spoke
about the importance of analogous events for the development of tourism.
The Minister also examined special stands and products prepared by the
participants of the events and personally spoke with them.
Representatives of different countries, leading Georgian tour operators,
hotels and other services are participating in CTF 2011. Georgian
regions have also presented their own stands.

International Tourism Fair is one of those places where Georgian
companies can make new contacts and finds new partners, meet potential
customers who are willing to purchase their tourism packages. As for
National Tourism Administrations, such events are a means of effectively
positioning the country's tourism potential.

This year's fair is peculiar for its scale and content; tourism
potential of all regions is well presented at the fair, including: sea
and mountain resorts, national parks, health tourism, cultural and
adventure tourism and etc. The fair is mainly designated for the local
market i/e inner tourism. It is important that the visitors who go the
fair from April 14 to April 16 will have the possibility to plan their
holidays right away. The fair may be understood as a message for
Georgian citizens so that they visit the exposition and plan their
summer vacations to any part of Georgia beforehand.

Stands of Azerbaijan, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, Iran and Kazakhstan are
also represented at the fair. It is remarkable that companies with
various profiles are participating in the event. 14 tourism companies,
18 hotels from different parts of Georgia, 3 airlines, souvenir
mafucaturers from all parts of Georgia, and professional tourism schools
– 55 exposition stands and 180 organizations are participating in the
event in overall. Besides various resorts particular trends of tourism
are also represented at the fair such as hunting tourism and extreme
tourism. The fair is designed for all age groups; adventure tourism must
be of particular interest to youngsters.

It is remarkable that the number of participants increased by 50% this
year. "CTF 2011" has a larger scale and represents a wider range of
products this year. Visitors can purchase handmade souvenirs from all
over Georgia at the fair. The aim of the fair is to promote small
businesses and souvenir business. Unlike past fairs, this year's fair
fully represents all Georgian regions and foreign companies got
interested to participate in the fair.

Study sessions and a conference named "Innovative Tourism" will be held
for students during the fair. It is important that thanks to National
Tourism Agency, companies from foreign countries (Azerbaijan, Armenia,
Latvia, Kazakhstan, Iran, Belarus and Poland) also came to participate
in the event. It is a great opportunity for Georgian companies to hold
meetings with their foreign colleagues. It is remarkable that tours to
different Georgian resorts will be raffled during the event. "Rcheuli"
Network will raffle two tickets to any of its hotels in Batumi,
Sighnaghi, Telavi or Kutaisi. M-Group will raffle tickets to Kvareli
Lake and "N-Tour" raffles two Pegasus Airlines tickets and a trip to