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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Armenian business invests in Georgia

TertAm Armenian IT companies are ready to set up their businesses in
Georgia to offer their services on the Georgian market.

A correspondent reported from Tbilisi that an IT conference
organized in the Georgian capital was aimed at figuring out what
services Armenian and Georgian IT companies can offer to each other.

SFL, a company engaged in custom software development, is seeking to
propose proper solutions to Georgian partners.

"We have our problems and our solutions. We want to realize to what
extent those solutions fit their human resources policy. And also, we
have our proposals," the company's director, Arsen Grigoryan, told

Asked whether the company would like to set up its business in Georgia,
he said it depends on the demand: "If there is a demand, we would. If
that gives us advantage as a company and a country, why not do that?"

Armenian Software Company, which deals with banking system automation,
is planning to export not only its products but also technologies to

"As both Armenian and Georgian economies have much in common, and we
were able to build a company that renders services to many Armenian
banks and enterprises, we find our technologies appropriate for building
a Georgian company that will represent similar products on the Georgian
market," the company's representative, Gagik Sargsyan, said.

Armenian IT companies are also interested in exchanging experience with
the Georgian partners. Director of Gyumri's IT Center Amalya Yeghoyan
said her participation in the conference would enable her to compare the
Armenian and Georgian IT markets.

"As I am more or less familiar with Armenia's IT sector, I would like
first of all to make comparisons. Besides, I am interested in projects
that could be completely or partially implemented in Armenia based on
mutually beneficial collaboration. And finally, the opportunities of
exchanging experience are important," she said.