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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Russian Soviet Occupation Armed Forces in Kutaisi District in 1921

February 25 - Black date in Georgian History - Soviet Russia occupation of Democratic Republic of Georgia.
Georgian soldiers killed by Russian Soviet 11th Army occupying Tbilisi in 1921

Russian Soviet Occupation Armed Forces in Kutaisi District in 1921. 
Summary of the publication:

After the intervention of Russian Soviet Armed Forces on the territory of Georgian Democratic Republic, occupational regime was established. Local governing organs the so called “Revkoms” were created on the whole territory of Georgia. However their power was nominal. The situation created in Kutaisi District as one of the administrative unit clearly described the power of “Revkoms” and their relation with occupation forces. And the situation established in the region was much like the occupied country. From the very first day of entering Russian hungry and less discipline Red Armed Forces on the territory of Kutaisi, citizens were robbed and disturbed, illegal requisitions and brutal actions took place.

Kutaisi “Revkoms” had perpetual correspondence with the officials of Russian armed forces with the exacting requirements of restoring the regime. Despite the certain punishing actions it was quite difficult to stop the looting. All the worst and rigorous laws of the war were in use which floated on the surface all the bad sides of the human being.

War always has the alternative but the peaceful world will always remains as the mirage before existing the big states fighting for the power or for the territorial integrity.

Nino Vashakmadze, Amirani XXI, 2009
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