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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Human rights activist: Russia acted against the Georgians as the Nazis acted against the Jews

TBILISI, February 2, 2011. Russian human rights activist Yevgeny Ikhlov believes that law enforcement authorities of the Russian Federation in 2006, deported Georgian citizens using Stalin methods. As the correspondent Rosbalt informs, in an interview to Imedi television, he said: "For us it was a moral catastrophe."

"We did not think - said Ikhlov - that the Russian authorities were fully prepared for the Nazi actions. Law enforcement agencies acted applying Stalin methods. The main thing is not that some idiots gave the order, and that the enthusiasm with which they executed this Fascist order. "

It turned out, he said, that "Russians are ready to Nazi ideology." "Our government thought that the deported Georgians will overthrow Georgian President Saakashvili. Georgian population was taken hostage by Russia as well as Nazi Germany in their time did with the Jews. Our goal today is to show to the world that it can not continue like this"- human rights activist said.

It is the third day of the lawsuit brought by Georgia against Russia in the International Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. On the Russian side the testimony was given by police officers and migration services, who were directly involved in the deportation of Georgian citizens from Russia.

According to the Ministry of Justice of Georgia, the Russian side during the deportation violated several laws, and the event was “ethnically motivated, politicized, and the victims were ethnic Georgians, including those who are Russian citizens, but of Georgian ethnicity”

According to the preliminary information, the court will finalize the matter before the end of this year.
(Translation from "Rosbalt" 2/2/2011)

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