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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Walking Adventure in Georgian Mountains

For those of you that are interested in the culture and history of this fascinating region but enjoy a good walk and some adventure too, we feel this itinerary is perfect. Requiring only 5 days off work, you will take a stunning three day trek through the very heart of the Grand Caucasus Mountains, camping in the high pastures close to the Russian border, as well as visiting some of Georgia's most impressive cultural sites. 

Georgia is a country that is overflowing with history and culture, has immense natural beauty and unrivaled hospitality. The food and wine is among the most delicious in Europe, and tourism is in its nascent stage. For anyone with a taste for adventure but pushed for time, this summer break will really blow your socks off.
  • A wonderful 3/4 day trek through an idyllic region
  • The historic old town of Tbilisi
  • The ancient capital of Georgia, Mtskheta
  • Homestay in the mountains with a Georgian family
  • Gori and the surreal Stalin Museum
'An exhilarating walk amongst fantastic scenery. Waking up, looking out of my tent and just being surrounded by mountains was an experience I will never forget.' Ann Shelley

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