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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Russia bombed civilians in Georgian towns Gori and Poti

Wikileaks has published confidential reports made by US Embassy in Georgia in August 2008. All reports are concerning Russias agression against Georgia and the situation in August. These documents are backing official position of Georgia declaring that War 2008 was provocated by Russia.


"All the evidence available to the country team supports Saakashvili ’s statement that this fight was not Georgia’s original intention. Key Georgian officials who would have had responsibility for an attack on South Ossetia have been on leave, and the Georgians only began mobilizing August 7 once the attack was well underway. As late as 2230 last night Georgian MOD and MFA officials were still hopeful that the unilateral cease-fire announced by President Saakashvili would hold. Only when the South Ossetians opened up with artillery on Georgian villages, did the offensive to take Tskhinvali begin. Post has eyes on the ground at the Ministry of Interior command post in Tbilisi and will continue to provide updates. The Embassy held an EAC and will hold another to reasses the situation by COB. We have issued a warden message and are looking at the situation very carefully. If the Georgians are right, and the fighting is mainly over, the real unknown is what the Russian role will be and whether there is potential for the conflict to expand".

READ FULL ARTICLE in THE FINANCIAL: Secret Documents by Wikileaks Confirming that War in Georgia Was Provocated by Russia