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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Georgian National Filmography (GCDb) - watch popular Georgian movies for FREE on-line

Photo: Sergei Parajanov was a Soviet Georgian film director and artist, widely regarded as one of the 20th century's greatest masters of cinema. He invented his own unparalleled cinematic style. His oeuvre is extremely poetic, artistic and visionary and is acclaimed worldwide. - from Wikipedia.

Presentation of Web Database of Georgian cinema was held at the Goethe Institute of Tbilisi. The presentation was attended by the representatives of Georgia’s film archives, film museum, and Georgian Film studio and also by the minister of Georgian culture, monuments protection and sports Nikoloz Vacheishvili.

The project has been developed by Georgian National Film Center together with the project initiators - Aleko Askilashvili and Koba Dalakishvili - for more than a year. It is aimed at building up complete database of Georgian cinema to be used for the purpose of publishing its comprehensive filmography in the future. Later on the website will be bilingual, Georgian-English.

Head of the film heritage department Lasha Bakradze presented the website to the audience.
Goethe Institute of Tbilisi, which hosted the presentation, had been making active efforts since the existence of the website to support the Georgian National Film Center’s initiative and mobilize financial support of the foreign funds. Director of the institute Werner Wöll called for all potential investors to further the Film Center’s undertaking.
The minister of Georgian culture, monuments protection and sports Nikoloz Vacheishvili stated: “There is no time for expectation. We should not wait for the cardinal decisions and make the issue of Georgian cinema interesting for the community and what is the most important - for the authority.

At you could watch popular Georgian movies for FREE on-line (streaming video):
  1. Gagma napiri
  2. Data Tutashkhia
  3. Sikvaruli venakshi
  4. Gaseirneba Karabaqshi
  5. Sami sakhli
  6. Tetri bairagebi
  7. Qurdi
  8. Svani
  9. Udzinarta mze
  10. Quchis dqeebi
  11. Idiotokratia
  12. Abezara
  13. Zafkhuli any 27 dakarguli kotsna
  14. Kidev erti qartuli istoria
  15. Reversi (ubralo tamashi)