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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Life of Old Tbilisi

TBILISI, GEORGIA - Tbilisi city hall starts reconstruction of one of the oldest districts of Tbilisi. The houses constructed in XIX century and the old churches still stand on this place, many of the old houses are the best samples of old Tbilisi architecture. Tbilisi city hall intends to do everything to maintain and upgrade this district.

The restoration works by Tbilisi city hall will be launched on February2, within the limits of the project the reinforcement of the houses in the lower Kalaubani will take place.

The old buildings will be roofed with the high quality sheet metal and roof tiles, the yards will be fenced with break fences characteristic for old Tbilisi, open glass balconies will be arranged, the water and sewage pipes, drainage lines will be totally changed, new outdoor lighting will be installed. The underground communications in all yards will be replaced. Above all the old picturesque image will be fully kept to Kalaubani.

The city government will fully cover the expenses for reconstruction rehabilitation. Kalaubani borders Tbilisi center and consists of two parts –lower and upper Kalaubani.

One of the oldest and picturesque street of Tbilisi-Davit Aghmashenebli avenue will very soon be upgraded. According to the agreed plan on the prospective development of the city, Tbilisi city hall launched the rehabilitation works of Aghmashenebli avenue.

The project envisages the reconstruction of the area from Queen Tamar avenue till Zaarbruken square.

The art critics and architects researched the area, the constructors and geologist studied the physical condition of the buildings and the construction works were launched on some of them already, after the research it turned out that some of the houses were in an extremely awful conditions. 

Each of them needed base reinforcement, framing of the windows and a lot more. After all the works the plastic detail, façade restoration and roofing with rust resisting metal sheet is planned. 

The first stage of the works cover restoration of 70 houses from Queen Tamar avenue till Marjanishvili square, 30 houses are already under the reconstruction process.

If need be the entrance doors on Aghmashenebekli avenue will be restored , new outdoor lighting system will be installed, the sidewalks will be accommodated with the tiles.Natural gas pipes and landline cables will be placed underground. The gardens and squares will be verdurized and upgraded.

Very soon all deteriorated houses on Aghmashenebeli avenue will belong to the past and old Tbilisi will come into a new life.