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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Former Georgian Tamarasheni village: view from the invaders' car window

Few days ago I published snapshots from a satellite showing Georgian village Tamarasheni before and after Russian invasion of Georgia in South Ossetia (Samachablo) region.

On this video above you could see how it actually looks likes from the ground. Video was taken by separatists and their Russian sponsors from a car. They took a tour around "Tskhinvali suburbs", probably to refresh memories of their "glorious victory against Georgians" two years ago. No Georgian is allowed to be there... and the village as you can see, doesn't exist anymore.

Silence and few comments in Russian from those who were shooting this video. Even for invaders this view of devastation and death in a former Georgian village Tamarasheni seems too extreme... Do they understand why they did it? For what?