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Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Radio Liberty - Putin's & KGB agent's mouthpiece": An Open Letter to US Policy Makers

Dear Sirs,

We hereby would like to draw your attention to a worrisome tendency that seems to have been developing in recent Radio Liberty shows. Sadly enough, the once one of the most prominent anti-totalitarian political broadcaster tends to serve more and more as a rough propaganda tool of Putinist Russian imperialism. In view of this situation we decided to start collecting and documenting such facts in order to draw public opinion to this tragic evolution of RL that we are presently witnessing in hope that it may lead to an adequate reaction and will help to overcome the above-mentioned negative tendency.

Here is one of the recent examples of using RF as a mouthpiece of the Kremlin.

On August 8, 2010, a number of obviously biased and factually incorrect statements were made by the host Mumin Shakirov in the RL show “Russia - Georgia: Neither War, Nor Piece”. In regards with the Russo-Georgian war of 08/08/2008 and the situation around Georgia’s occupied provinces of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali (the latter also known as “South Ossetia"). In particular, the show quoted statement by RFE/RL correspondent George Kobaladze according to whom “…several Latin American nations, including Venezuela and Nicaragua, recognized the independence of the former Georgian autonomies…” that contains absolutely wrong implication that besides Nicaragua and Venezuela there are other Latin American nations that recognized the “independence” of Russian-occupied Georgian territories. Perhaps you could enlighten us by sharing the information regarding any other Latin American nations that followed the examples of Hugo Chavez and Daniel Ortega? If not than please be advised that so far none of the nations belonging to the international community except Russian Federation, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Nauru dared to question internationally recognized borders of Georgia and grant “recognition of independence” to any parts of Georgian territory. One could add to the above that both the European Union and the USA are providing multilateral support to Georgia for peaceful resolution of her conflict with Russia not to mention that official Washington defines Abkhazia and Tskhinvali as the occupied territories of Georgia. All the above makes the use of the terms like “the former Georgian autonomies” absolutely inappropriate and non-professional.

Regretfully, the above-mentioned show is not the only example of breaching the founding principles of RFE/RL as well as the journalistic ethic. That has been happening way too often especially in the shows of the Russian service of RL. We would like to express our disappointment and surprise that an organization funded by the US Congress tends to tarnish its reputation and turn into one of the odious mouthpieces of Kremlin propaganda. Our disappointment is shared by hundreds of thousands of displaced Georgians who had to leave Abkhazia and Tskhinvali/”South Ossetia” as a result of ethnic cleansing performed by Russian imperialists and their collaborators.

We are asking you to take into consideration our position and concerns and to take appropriate measures to bring RL back to democratic and liberal values.


Please be advised that the text version of the RL show “Russia - Georgia: Neither War, Nor Piece” has been placed on the official RL website at:

Surprisingly, the site administration blocked/deleted the comments that tried to draw attention to the biased and incorrect statements the show contained. Under these circumstances we believe that the text may be trimmed by the administration in order to hide the examples of non-professionalism of its authors. Thus please find attached the screenshot of your website: