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Saturday, May 8, 2010

History of Georgian Surnames - Georgian Genealogy

Georgian Genealogy - a webbased company that does research of Georgian surnames history per your request. Georgian Genealogy is using all available sources: old archival records; from XIX c. - registers of births, marriages and deaths (parish and civil registers), census lists, etc. Also, they study special literature, information on history and origins of Georgian last names.

Georgian Genealogy website has publicly available information concerning history of Georgian surnames, usefull bibliography, information about main nationalities in Georgia.

Here you could find interesting information about Georgian surnames in historic sources, Description of Georgian Kingdom by Vakhushti Batonishvili.
  • The list of the nobility of the Qarthl-Kakhethi kingdom of 1783 Georgian Antiquities.
  • Georgian legal monuments.
  • The Tbethi Synodal Records. The Charters of Blood. Historic documents.
  • The Chronicles and other materials about Georgian history and writings.
  • Materials of Georgia's statistical census in the eighteenth century