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Monday, May 3, 2010

The Archaeological Expedition of Svaneti, Georgia

The study of the cultural legacy of Svaneti through the excavation, reconstruction and interpretation of its physical remains is led by a special expedition of the Center for Archaeological Research of the Academy of Sciences of Georgia, which has already brought to light over 200 significant artifacts from the Neolithic, Bronze, Greco-Roman and Middle Ages; mining and metallurgical complexes; structures erected for cult worship, defense fortifications, burial sites and living settlements.

In the course of these excavations there have been discovered several thousand examples of artistic handicraft work, the product of various epochs, which clearly show the key roles which the natural environment of the mountains, its flora and fauna, and domesticated and wild animals played in the religious cult of the Svanetians. These handicraft wares at the same time reveal vital information regarding the exploitation of natural resources by the local populace, the development of ancient metallurgical engineering processes, artistic tastes, and trade capabilities in the region. These materials are routinely processed and analyzed at the on-site storage center for the expedition in Svaneti (Mestia Settlement).