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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Berlin Wall should protect occupied territories

Russia wants to install a new Berlin wall in the middle of Georgia, to border the territory of so called South Ossetia, occupied by Russian army last year. The main purpose of this wall is to prevent civilians, primarily ethnic Georgians to return to their villages and towns on the occupied territory.

Here is a commercial clip that features technology Russia plans to use for NEW "Berlin" Wall in Georgia. Russia, a country with great history of prisons and jails, a country that exemplifies a jail itself for many nations, has undoubtedly one of the most advanced technology in creating fences to separate and torture people.

Today, with a silent acceptance of the Global community Russian Occupation Army in Georgia is going to test their evil and barbarian tools on Georgians.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Russian KGB attacks Georgian blogger Cyxymu

Russians launched Twitter attack to hit Georgian blogger Cyxymu

Times, UK: attacks georgia


Hackers from Russia have attacked Google, Twitter and Facebook in an attempt to silence a pro-Georgian blogger. This attack orchestrated and executed by Russian KGB, whose goal is the same as before - don't let people to know the truth about Russian agression against Georgia, genocide of Georgians in Abkhazia!

A year after troops from two countries started a five day war, the co-ordinated cyber assaults shut down down Twitter for a couple of hours and disrupted access for Facebook users.

LiveJournal, a blogging site, was also hit while Google managed to fend off denial of service attacks. The hacking technique uses thousands of compromised computers to contact a single site at the same time, preventing legitimate traffic from getting through.

A Georgian blogger by the name of Cyxymu has accounts on all the websites and was the target, according to a senior security executive at Facebook.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Revoke The Games
Evil Russian KGB empire is back! Now they want not only to conquer neighboring countries and nations in Caucasus - it's not enough for them - they want global community's approval for their barbarian and nazi actions.

They want your agreement to celebrate genocide of many Caucasus nations Russia keep destroying for centuries - Georgians, Chechens, Ingush, and many others. They want you to attend the Olympic games in Sochi in 2014 - a city in Caucasus region, miles away from Georgian Abkhazia, region occupied by Russian Kremlin Army, where sand on the beaches is still soaked with blood of Georgian children, men and women, where waters are heavy and rough as souls of killed Georgians can not rest in peace untill Russian Army is there and those who survived Russian agression can not return back homes just because they are Georgians!

Read this article in Wikipedia about ethnic cleancing of Georgians in Abkhazia: cleansing of Georgians in Abkhazia

Abkhazia is just few miles away from this terrible place!
Don't let to legitimize genocide of people!
Don't applaud Putin! Don't applaud killers!


Sign the petition on this website and demand that the 2014 Winter Olympics be moved from Sochi, Russia to a new site.

Visit : was founded because we do not accept breaking human rights and hypocrisy of modern times – which allows to organize second OG in XXI century in country in which there is no democracy. We cannot stand by silently while people are being killed there, freedom and human rights are being broken and cold war times are coming back smoothly and imperceptibly. We won’t stand in silence while Olympic industry continues its decades-long effort to destroy the heritage of baron Pierre de Coubertin idea. Our mission is to represent the position of people who do not agree with it and who are against these proceedings - nearly completely inconsistent with Olimpyc’s ancient bases .We believe that politics should be irrelevant to the Olympics. But anybody who knows Russia, knows that whenever something important happens there, it cannot happen without the permission of those who reign on Kreml?