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Monday, April 27, 2009

New Russian weapon against Georgia! War is going on....!!!!

So called "Georgian opposition" is a group of criminals inspired, organized and paid by Putin's Russia to undermine Georgian economy, stop reforms and complete what Russians were not able to accomplish in August 2008 with tanks and hordes of its' soldiers - destroy Georgia as a country and complete ethnic cleansing of Georgians.
Unfortunately a weapon the evil empire is using today is more sophisticated than tanks and ruthless killers. They found and fostered a group of traitors, ethnic Georgians. Some of them are willing to play this role, but most are just fooled. But the worst and the most devastating role is the role of so-called Georgian opposition leaders. Many of them are just criminals, drug dealers and drug addicts. This is the video of Levan Gachechiladze's brother (Levan Gachechiladze "Grechixa" - the leader of opposition forces), who is "famous" local poet and artist, but in fact just a sick drug addict. These people want to destroy Georgia! These people - new weapon of Russia against Georgia!