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Friday, February 6, 2009



Russian - Georgian war, documentary

Documentary movie 'Georgia in Flames' is about the Russia-Georgia conflict. This 15 minute film gives a factual overview of how the conflict developed over decades and why it resulted in August 2008 war. It gives an account of the military conflict and encourages the viewer to think about the underlying reasons and interests that serve as a basis for such conflicts not only in Georgia but anywhere in the world. Informing society on these issues, we hope, will prevent such conflicts from happening in the future. We are interested in showing this movie to different audiences and we thank in advance every person or organization who will decide to help us in disseminating it.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

REUTERS: Russian bombardment kills Georgain civilians

A Georgian district Governor was killed by Russian military bombardment during the routine tour of villages together with EU observers while they were monitoring the ceasefire. Russian occupants don't follow ceasefire agreement and use every opportunity to kill civilians, paying no attention to EU observers.

01/27/2009 - Russian army sergeant asks for help and asylum in Georgia

Russian sergeant Glukhov tells story about his stay in occupied South Ossetia. Demoralized soldier of the occupation army complains about unbearable conditions Russian soldiers have to live. He asks for help and political asylum status from Georgian President.