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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Signagkhi (Signahi, Signaxi, Signakhi) - Kakheti, Georgia Landmark

Signakhi is a small town in the east of Kakheti region of Georgia. It is famous for the fortress of the same name, which is listed among the most known and major fortresses of Georgia. The walls of Signakhi fortress have miraculously survived and even today surround the old part of the city and stretch far beyond the city limits. The watchtowers with the remarkable view to Alazani valley are still standing along the walls perimeter.
Locate Signagkhi on the Map and see pictures of it:
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Fabulous photos taken in Georgia, Kaheti region, Telavi and Signagkhi (Signaxi) by one German girl Dana who now lives, works, and travels in Georgia and keeps blognotes of her experience. Her blog is in German, but anyway you will be able to see the beauty of this place even if you don't understand German. Here is a link.