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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lobio - Georgian famous kidney bean salad - recipe

Lobio (Kidney Bean Salad): The word lobio also designates dried beans and the salads prepared from them, mainstays of the Georgian table. Fine red and white kidney beans, smaller than our domestic varieties, grow wild in Georgia and are sold at the market, dried but not sterilized. Sometimes bugs hide in these beans. It has not dampened the longevity of us Georgians one bit. While American processing has taken care of the aesthetics, too often our beans have languished on supermarket shelves. Try to find small beans that are not old and starchy. If you are close to an Armenian community they should have them available.
Lobio is made in dozens of different ways: moistened with herb vinaigrette, pureed with tangy plum sauce seasoned simply with butter and eggs, or mixed with lettuce and celery. The main flavor in this recipe comes from the walnuts. Read the whole recipe from