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Monday, June 9, 2008

Hazelnuts from Georgia - 5-7% of total global hazelnuts market

One of the biggest exports for Georgia is hazelnut (filbert nut). The Georgian hazelnut and walnut traditionally maintains positions among the top ten goods exported from Georgia. In the first half of 2007, these products ranked ninth. They account for approximately 3.4% of Georgian exports. Hazelnuts from Georgia cover 5-7% of the world’s nut market. Nearly 18,627 million USD of nuts are exported from Georgia every year. In 2006, the amount neared 25,591 million USD. Its export share equaled 5.6%. There has been consistent growth of nut production since the 1990s. Since then, nut production has grown 5% annually. ESTADO TRADING LLC, is one of the largest supplier of Georgian Hazelnut. The capacities of Estado factories enable the company to export 450 tons of hazelnut kernels monthly. In seasons of 1999-2003 they provided more than 6000 tons of hazelnut kernels for customers in Western European countries. Another big player is the company Georgian Nuts. Kakha Bochorishvili, a Georgian Nuts spokesman, said, “Our company exports Georgian nuts in almost all European countries. In 2006, we exported 1,300 tons. Third producer I would like to mention is Argo Nuts. LTD Argo Nuts was founded by the joint investment of Dutch company Loyal Capital Group BV and EBRD. The main goal of the company is to process and export Georgian nuts. The nut-processing factory of LTD Argo Nuts was constructed in 2006. It is located in Zugdidi, in western Georgia, where the main reserves of Georgian nuts exist. The factory is equipped with modern Italian Browind technology and has a contemporary lab for quality control. The monthly production volume of the factory equals 1,200 tons. There are rumors that the idea of eastablishing Argo Nuts belongs to Hillary Clinton brothers' Hugh and Tony Rodham. Article from The Independent is here.