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Friday, June 13, 2008

The Georgian (Tbilisi) Central State Historical Archive

Tbilisi, Georgia State Archives: Georgia who has the valuable records is one of the countries owing rich archives both in quantity and in quality. The most important and rich archival materials are in the Central State Archives.
The Georgian Central State historical archive of Georgia was founded in 1920. The archive shelters documents dating from 9th century up to 25th of February 1921. The sources of the archive contain historical manuscripts, acts, handwritten books, private funds, funds run by state authorities, courts of law and public prosecutors, military bodies, police offices, institutions of public economy, scientific, cultural and educational institutions and organizations, etc. The archival funds shelter about 1 million items.
The Georgian Central State archive of modern history of Georgia was founded in 1927. In this archive there are kept documents dating from 1921 to the present time. Among the latter one can mention documents of top government authorities, central executive committee, presidium of the supreme council and the council of the ministers of Georgia SSR, different ministries, state committees, administration, industrial associations, factories, scientific and research institutions, centers of higher education, sport societies, trade unions and voluntary organizations, etc., which reflect the historical processes, political, economic and social development of Georgia from 1921 to the present time. In the archive are also kept funds of private origin, pertaining to scientists, professors, engineers, doctors, sportsmen, social activists, etc. 1050 funds of the archive hold more than 800 000 items.
The Georgian Central State archive of film, photo and phonograph documents was founded in 1944. The archive holds 305 000 photo, 28 000 film and 165 00 phonograph documents. Alexander Ivanitski made the oldest photograph that has reached our hands. The first documentary dates to the year 1909. The archive has a rich collection of many prominent cameramen: A.Roinishvili, D.Ermakov, K.Zanisa, N.Sagaradze, I.Tkeshelashvili, D.Abashidze, G.Babalashvili, Z.Zhvania, E.Avetisova, E.Klara and many others. The latter collection represents a valuable ethnographic material reflecting the life of different ethnic groups living in Georgia. The film materials tell us about the First Imperialistic War, the life of the Georgian Democratic Republic in 1918-1921, the occupation of Georgia by the 11 Army of the Bolshevik Russia, the first 5-year plan, forced collectivization, the Stakhanov movement, new buildings and constructions, festivals, decades, days of the Second World War, elections in the government of the republic, etc. In the "Golden Fund" of the archive there are unique records of the composers- Z. Paliashvili, D.Arakishvili, V.Dolidze, singers- B.Sarajishvili, Z.Anjaparidze, N.Qumsiashvili, C.Inaishvili, D.Andguladze, writers and poets- G.Tabidze, S.Chikovani, K.Gamsakhurdia, G.Leonidze, B.Pasternak and many others.