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Monday, June 2, 2008

Georgian Streaming TV Online for Free

Georgian TV online for Free: There are several ways to watch Georgian TV being outside of Georgia. I believe there are ways to tune a dish, satellite TV and so on, but I myself prefer watching streaming online TV. Initially I used Rustavi2, However speed of the stream (last time I checked) was terribly slow. For the last several months I get used to watch stream TV from They are not perfect. 1 Arxi and Mze are not working, but as for Rustavi2 and its Courier news program and some other top programs, they work very well. I think to provide high speed and great quality they record programs soon after they go live. Also usually they tape PrimeTime with Inga Grigolia and feature it on their home page (scroll the page down to see it in the bottom). This my post is an exception because I promised to link you only to English language websites related to Georgia. Despani unfortunately is only in Georgian. Well, this is the only Georgian TV portal I know at this point. Let me know if you know more. Georgia is not Russia with its oil and gas and can't afford paying for lavish propaganda channels like "Russia Today". If you want to know more about Georgia, you'd better watch Georgian TV if you understand Georgian, or watch CNN, BBC, or any other really independent global broadcaster if you understand English, but never channels like "Russia Today" And don't be fooled with the nice English accent of their reporters. Oil is a powerful lubricant in hands of Kremlin :) Learn Georgian language - watch Georgian streaming TV online: