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Monday, June 2, 2008

Borjomi Waters (Company website)

Borjomi Waters (Company website): The best water I've ever drunk so far! Learn more about this unique treasury of Georgians from the bottling company official website. Georgian Glass & Mineral Waters (GG&MW) company was founded in 1995 and currently the company belongs to Salford investment foundation and private investors, including the corporate top-management. Mineral water "Borjomi" - unique gift of the nature. Each drop of it is a source of health, a youth and beauty. This is your excellent feelings and pleasure of a life - every day. When you go to Georgia, don't miss Borjomi (water and town Borjomi itself). Awesome place! By the way, you can buy Borjomi in many other countries, for example in US. As far as I know, most of so called "Russian" or "European" stores almost in every US town (with the population of 30,000 + ) carry Borjomi mineral water. You know why? It's the best remedy against Russian vodka next-morning hangover :) Try it. Satisfaction guaranteed! :)