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Monday, August 18, 2008

Occupation army destroyes Georgian police cars when police was trying to stop russian looters to invade a village and rob civilians!!!

Occupation army destroyes Georgian police cars when police was trying to stop russian looters to invade a village and rob civilians!!!

Looters in Georgia sell Georgian people belongings on market in Russia

Looters in Georgia sell Georgian people belongings on market in Russia

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kremlin occupation army in Georgia - Looting civilians, burning and bombing civilian infrastructure, robing refugees!!!

Kremlin occupation army is looting Black Sea port Poti in the west part of Georgia
They exploded railway bridge in the east part of the country. They destroy civil infrastructure and more than 100,000 refuges left their homes to escape from Russian terrorists.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Occupants looting civilians in Geogria

Occupation soldiers looting civilians, trying to steal a car, but were stopped by journalists. Watch true face of Kremlin terror:

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Putin wants to annihilate Georgia and its people! STOP PUTIN'S TERROR!!!

Putin's army kills Georgian civilians - Photoes

Stop Terror against Georgians!

Kremlin Terror - killing civilians, destroying cities and roads!

Русско-Грузинская война - Голос правды из авторитарной России КГБ

Сергей Ковалев - Правозащитник, председатель Российского общества "Мемориал" комментирует свое заявление по поводу войны в Грузии

Это один из немногих людей в России который не боится говорить правду!

Сергей Арутюнов - Правда о Русско-Грузинской Войне. Что же происходит на самом деле..

Сергей Арутюнов - заведующий отделом Кавказа Института этнологии и антропологии РАН.

Russian invasion to Georgia - What's going on?

You probably already heared about heavy fightings going on in Georgia, where the country tries to stop invaded Russian troops and bombing of Georgian towns and cities.

I would like to provide you with additional information for better understanding of what is going on, because western media commonly provides biased information copied from Russian media resources.

1. Russian preparations. There were repeated attempts to explore the situation in both Georgian conflict regions during the last four years. Usually these were bombings of Georgian villages or police stations near the conflict regions by “separatists” but obviously directed by Russian forces based in the regions since 1992. After some European countries blocked providing of MAP to Georgia and Ukraine, Russia openly declared that Georgia and Ukraine will “commit problems”. During the Russian military trainings in the northern Caucasus last July, the leaflets were spread among Russian soldiers with description of a negative image of Georgian soldier, the main potential enemy.

2. Situation in the conflict region of South Ossetia. Reading existent information sources, one can gain an impression that Georgia tried to invade the breakout region for recovering the central power (although legal, but somewhat questionable attempt), and Russians were just answering this with military power. I then must briefly explain the situation prior to the war. The conflict region is a small area at the southern slopes of the Great Caucasus, with the total population of 70,000, approximately 50% of that are ethnic Ossetians and another 50% - ethnic Georgians, the groups very close culturally and historically. The capital town Tskhinvali has a population of ca. 20,000. By the end of the conflict of 1991, Georgia retained its control over approximately half of the region, mostly parts were Georgian or mixed villages dominate (including the area just around Tskhinvali) but also an important part of Ossetian villages, and these parts were fully integrated in the rest of the country without any time gap. Similar situation exists in Abkhazia, where albeit lesser (ca. 15%) mountain part is controlled by the central government.

3. The situation prior to the war. Wide-scaled provocations have started since beginning of July, where positions of “separatists” (in fact Russian paramilitary troops) started bombing of large Georgian villages around Tskhinvali. This provoked backfire from Georgian military based near the villages. At 6th of August the paramilitaries backed by Russian “peacekeepers” started to attack the Georgian villages, with a clear aim to withdraw Georgians and spread Russian power over the areas currently controlled by the country. Saakashvili, Georgian president, tried to ceasfire afternoon 06 August, but this was followed by activation of the attack on the Georgia-controlled part of the region. Simultaneously, Russian tanks started to invade the region from north, via Roki tunnel passing through the Greater Caucasus Mountains. Georgian government had just no way but starting the offensive on the paramilitary fire positions and, eventually, Tskhinvali town.

4. Russians, after several hours, invaded large military groups with heavy weapons, and started to bomb Georgian infrastructure. Thus Georgian troops had already to face regular Russian military forces.

5. Since 8th August, Russian military plains started to bomb Georgian infrastructure throughout the entire country and civil objects. The Georgian towns and objects bombed: - Gori (ca. 40,000 population), both military objects and living appartments bombed, bombings multiple and especially heavy as of 9th August, 55 civil dead for two days;- Poti town (ca. 30,000), Georgian only large port; multiple civil casualties;- Marneuli town/airport (ca. 70,000);- Senaki (ca. 10,000) (railway station/civil buildings)-Oni (ca 10,000)-Tbilisi (Vaziani military base and surrounding area)- Kutaisi (second largest city of Georgia, ca. 300,000), the airport/surrounding appartments;- Parts of Abkhazia controlled by the central government, high mountain villages;- currently the information comes that the Russians plant to bomb Tbilisi international airport.

Georgian troops, according to the official reports, shot down 10 Russian plains since last two days, including strategic bombarder TU-22 and smaller military plains SU-25 and SU-27. The pilots were shown on TV and currently questioned.Russians move to the Georgian coast large military vessels. Paramilitary groups in Abkhazia tried to take control over Upper Abkhazia but failed. Tskhinvali is a subject of heavy battles between regular troops of Georgia and 58 army of Russia. Georgia yet cannot control strategically important Roki tunnel, although effectively controls largest part of the conflict epicenter. We here have little doubts that if Russians take over, they won’t stop and will occupy Georgia and pose the puppy government in the country, moreover, split it in several parts as a potentially dangerous for “Russian geopolitical interests”.

Therefore Georgians try to stay strong, and resist bombings and casualties. However the time to resist is limited, because Russian military machine is quite big. In this case the invaders will success, and there is little doubt that they will continue – first Ukraine, than the other countries they assume their “natural sphere of interests”, from Poland and Finland eastwards.It is critically important that the international community intervenes in that or another way. Starting from diplomatic efforts and finishing with providing anti-aircraft weapons to Georgian Army. walker(from forum)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Friday, August 8, 2008


Russian bombers are targeting Georgia's civilians and infrastructure!
Georgian television reported that the port had been destroyed.
All day today, they've been bombing Georgia from numerous warplanes and specifically targeting [the] civilian population, and we have scores of wounded and dead among [the] civilian population all around the country," Georgia's president, Mikhail Saakashvili, said Friday. "This is the worst nightmare one can encounter." Watch interview with the President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili STOP RUSSIAN AGGRESSION AGAINST GEORGIA!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Iveria: Georgian liturgical and folk music ensemble in Boston, U.S.

Iveria - a group of men who sing Georgian liturgical and folk music. The group was originally formed as an offshoot of the Yale Russian Chorus in 1985, when a few members decided to further pursue the music of the Republic of Georgia. We are based in the greater Boston area, and have a sister group based in New York state, the Kartuli Ensemble. (Free stream music downloads)

Acharuli Theme Remix

Unique Georgian Music Heritage: Traditional Polyphony of Georgia:

Traditional Polyphony of Georgia: Great contribution of Georgia into the world musical culture!
Georgia, a country at the boundary of Europe and Asia, created distinctive musical culture during the three thousand-year history. The Georgians' great contribution into the world culture is Georgian polyphonic folk singing and chanting in the Orthodox church. Three-voiced song has been the tradition of Georgian musical thinking since ancient times.

Later on Georgian polyphonic music attracted attention of the world's famous musicians and scholars.

This interest grew stronger at the end of the 1900s. The series of international scientific-practical conferences of 1984, 1986, 1988, 1998 and 2000 held in Georgia were crowned by the First International Symposium on Traditional Polyphony in 2002.

The idea to establish the International Center of Polyphony was born on these Scientific forums. By the support of UNESCO and world's renowned ethnomusicologists the Research Center on Traditional Polyphony was founded at Tbilisi State Conservatoire. This page provides information on the Center.

The Kartuli Ensemble (Georgian songs and music) in U.S.

The Kartuli Ensemble is a not-for-profit organization devoted to the folk song and dance of the country of Georgia. At present it consists of a loose conglomeration of men's choruses scattered across the US and elsewhere that occasionally come together for concerts. Direct link

Darbazi: Georgian songs ensamble in Toronto, Canada

Founded in 1995, Darbazi is a Toronto-based ensemble that focuses exclusively on performing traditional music from the Caucasus Georgia, a mountainous country at the crossroads of Europe and Asia.

With repertoire ranging from sacred chants to exuberant drinking songs, Darbazi seeks to broaden the awareness of Georgia’s heritage for abundant food and wine, hospitable spirit, and polyphonic songs. Over the years, the choir – made up of three women and eight men, two of whom are from Georgia – has striven for a deeper understanding of this unique music.

Through cultural exchanges and travel, the members have had a chance to work with legendary Georgian singers and experience the profundity of Georgian hospitality. This in turn has translated into Darbazi’s authentic voice for the richly varied musical traditions of Georgia’s many distinctive regions, bringing themselves and their audiences great meaning and joy.

Darbazi has performed in and around Ontario, at Toronto's Fete de la Musique and First Night events, at Montreal's World Music Festival, at Festival 500 in St. John's, Newfoundland and in New York City. Attending the Third International Symposium on Georgian Polyphony in Tbilisi in October 2006 was a highpoint for Darbazi.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Georgian pop music collection

Largest Georgian Music collection in the Internet - most of the featured songs are in popular music genre, from old pop "classical" singers like Vahtang Kikabidze to modern, reached peak of their popularity in recent years. Direct link.

Georgian streaming TV online: Rustavi2, Imedi, GPB

Georgian Internet stream TV: watch online Georgian main news programs, Rustavi2 - Courier; Georgian Public TV - Moambe; Imedi Tv - Qronika. Direct link.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Batumi, Georgia Travel Guide

Batumi Travel Guide: Batumi night life, accommodation, traveling to Batumi and places to see.

Batumi - Sea Capital of Georgia

Batumi (ბათუმი) is a seaside city on the Black Sea coast and capital of Adjara a region in southwest Georgia. It has a population of about 120 thousand people.

Batumi, with its large port, commercial center and tourism center, is also the last stop of the Transcaucasia railroad. It is situated some 12 mi from the Turkish border, in a subtropical zone, rich in citrus fruit and tea. Industries included tourism, shipbuilding, food processing, and light manufacturing.

It's a beautiful city with a famous stony beach. The center is quite small and can be covered on foot. There are no real monuments, but quite a few houses that are worth a look; they mostly date back to the 19-th century when Batumi was an important border town in the Russian defence against the Turks.
Have a look at pictures of the "Sea Capital" of Georgia - Batumi

Gudauri: Ski resort in Georgia - place you need to go! excellent web resource for everyone who is interested in discovering Gudauri ski resort in Georgia. Useful information for skiers, boarders, hang-gliders, mountain-climbers and tourists of Gudauri and Georgia. List of hotels in Gudauri, galleries of amazing pictires and reports from customers. There is a link of weather forecast for Gudauri. Direct link.

Heliskiing: Gudauri Ski Resort in Georgia

Gudauri ski resort in Georgia:
Heliskiing is one of Gudauri's most distinctive offerings and it provides skiers with access to some of the finest powder-snow in the Caucasus. With helicopters granted almost unrestricted access to local mountains, skiers can experience some of the most sublime runs in Europe - at altitudes between 1,500 and 4,200 meters above sea level. The helicopters drop clients off on mountain tops, glaciers, fabulous ridges - and in the hands of highly experienced guides. Gudauri's helicopters are serviced and operated by the Swiss company "Alpin Travel" Ltd.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Old Tbilisi Dancing Theme

Kintouri (კინტოური) – Kintouri is one of the city dances portraying the city life in old Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. The dance takes its name after "kintos" who were small merchants in Tbilisi. They wore black outfits with baggy pants and usually carried their goods (mostly food) on their heads around the city. When a customer chose goods, a kinto would take the silk shawl hanging from his silver belt and wrap the fruits and vegetables in them to weigh (Sited from The Georgian National Ballet). Kintos were known to be cunning, swift, and informal. Such characteristics of kinto are well shown in Kintouri. The dance is light natured and fun to watch. Link to watch old Tbilisi dance:

Visa to Georgia is not required! Contact Georgian Diplomatic Mission

Georgian Visas are not required for the citizens of the countries on the list:

USA, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, GB, Spain, Estonia, Japan, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Canada, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Greece, France, Slovakia, Finland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Holland.

To find out further details of getting visa to Georgia contact Georgian Diplomatic Mission in one of the following country. List of Georgian Diplomatic Missions.

Photos from all Georgian Regions

Pictures of Georgia - Collection of photos from all parts of the country. Easy search. Just click on the region on the map and enjoy beauty of Georgia. Direct link.

Travel to Georgia with Caucasus Travel

This new website aims to be an informative and educational reference point for those who are interested in traveling to Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan as well as for those who want to have more information about this beautiful and mysterious region of the world.
Here you can find all kinds of information about how to plan a tour to Georgia as well as about Georgian Culture, History, Arts, Traditions & Cuisine, The capital Tbilisi (Tiflis) and main cities and some advice on what to read and see in Georgia.
Direct link.

Alaverdi Cathedral Church - Kakheti, Georgia Landmark

The Alaverdi Cathedral is located on the Alazani Valley, near the village Alaverdi (Akhmeta region), 20 km from Telavi. There, in the middle of the 6-th century was founded a monastery, by on of the thirteen Sirian fathers Joseph, who is buried here.
In Kakhetian principality (the 8-th -10-th centuries) Alaverdi was the main church and place of worship. Presumably, the Alaverdi monastery was turned into the Episcopalian Cathedral in the first quater of the 11-th century, when the King of Heret-Kakheti Kvirike III (1009-1037) in the Place of small church os St.George erected a big Cathedral. The founding of the Episcopates in Georgia was initeated usually by the building of Cathedrals. Read more about Alaverdi from here

Travel Agency "Days in Georgia"

Travel agency "Days in Georgia"

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Signagkhi (Signahi, Signaxi, Signakhi) - Kakheti, Georgia Landmark

Signakhi is a small town in the east of Kakheti region of Georgia. It is famous for the fortress of the same name, which is listed among the most known and major fortresses of Georgia. The walls of Signakhi fortress have miraculously survived and even today surround the old part of the city and stretch far beyond the city limits. The watchtowers with the remarkable view to Alazani valley are still standing along the walls perimeter.
Locate Signagkhi on the Map and see pictures of it:
Direct Link
Fabulous photos taken in Georgia, Kaheti region, Telavi and Signagkhi (Signaxi) by one German girl Dana who now lives, works, and travels in Georgia and keeps blognotes of her experience. Her blog is in German, but anyway you will be able to see the beauty of this place even if you don't understand German. Here is a link.

Legend of Argonauts (Argo) and Golden Fleece - Discover the place of this ancient story in Georgia!

Nokalakevi Architectural Historic Monument: Nokalakevi-Tsikhegoji-Archaeopolis is one of the most important monument of the early Middle Ages, which is situated in the west Georgia, in 17-km North-East from the town Senaki. The site lies on the left bank of the river Tekhuri, where the river flows out from the rocky gorge and sharply turns to East. In result the city is bordered by the river from three sides.

According to the 19th - 20th centuries' researchers the mitic city Aea , from where Iazon, Medea and Argonauts stole the Golden Fleece, lied exactly there where Nokalakevi is situated now. Dubois de Montpereux was the first who expressed this idea in 30s of 19th century. To read more visit Nokalakevi monument website here.

Georgian Cultural Heritage Information Center

Georgian Cultural Heritage Information Center (GCHIC) is a Non-Governmental Organisation aimed at obtaining and keeping archive of the qualified information on diverse branches of the Georgian cultural heritage, as well as ensuring accessibility and availability of this information through scholarly and popular publications, exhibitions, electronic network, etc. GCHIC organises research-recording expeditions throughout Georgia and to the Georgian cultural heritage sites abroad; processes information based on typology, chronology, geography - in the form of ID cards, lists, annotations, etc.; disseminates information on the site facing the danger of vanish or damage; ensures protective measures on the unique and endangered heritage sites; supports interested individuals (teams) and professionals in obtaining better knowledge on significant well-known as well as less-known Georgian cultural heritage sites. Direct link.

Tbilisi State Medical University

Tbilisi State Medical University: (TSMU) is a leading Medical University in Europe. TSMU was founded as Tbilisi Medical Institute in 1918 and became the Faculty of Medicine within the Tbilisi State University (TSU) in 1930. Finally the insitution gained independence and became Georgia's only Medical University in 1991.

Tbilisi State Medical University is the largest Medical University in Caucasus region [Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan]. With more than 90 years of existence, this university currently educates 5000 students using 1200 Professors. Direct link:

Georgian Ancient Jewellery

Jewellery and Metalwork section of introduces the visitor to the world of ancient and highly original artistic traditions. It's devided in two parts.

The first part presents Georgian jewellery and metalwork of Pre-Christian times from the collection of the Janashia Museum of Georgia, the largest in Transcaucasia. The creative efforts of Georgian jewellers (3rd millennium B.C. - 3rd century A.D.) are illustrated here by golden necklaces, fine chains, diadems, torques, bracelets, signet-rings, pectorals, pins, fibulae, and gold and silver vessels inlaid in colored stones, smalt and enamels.

The second part, Middle Ages, deals with the collection of medieval chased and embossed work from the Art Museum of Georgia, which comprises the collections of the former Church Museum and of the Ancient Arts Museum of the University of Georgia. The museum possesses a valuable collection of jewellery of the feudal epoch (4th-18th centuries), which boasts such gems as the 10th-century Chalice of Bedia, the Khakhuli triptych, and the works by the celebrated Georgian goldsmiths Beka and Beshken Opizari.

The wonderful items represented on this site will certainly help the visitor to appreciate the contribution of Georgia to world culture:

Read more

Georgian Architecture: Castles and Churches

Georgian Architecture: Castles and Churches - webpage from Levan Shotashvili provides information and pictures of Georgian Churches and Castles. Interactive map helps you to locate an architecture monument and read information about it:
Read more

Monday, June 16, 2008

British Embassy in Tbilisi, Georgia - Info on UK-Georgia cooperation in Defence, Education, and Development

UK and Georgia ties: Defence, Development, Scholarships, Projects - Information from British Embassy in Tbilisi, Georgia

The UK and Georgia established diplomatic ties in 1992 and the UK has since become an active friend and partner of Georgia assisting, for example, with the development and promotion of human rights, good governance and the rule of law. There have been many cultural and educational links during this time. Read more here.

British Council in Georgia


We build mutually beneficial relationships between people in the UK and other countries and increase appreciation of the UK's creative ideas and achievements.

So whether you want to learn English, study in Britain, find out about the latest ideas from the UK, or simply discover what we are doing in Georgia in your professional field, then this is the place to start.

Georgia National Professional Agency: Education for Employment in Georgia

The National Professional Agency (NPA) in Georgia aims at establishing and sustaining the demand-led system of vocational education and training (VET) in Georgia, which will adequately reflect the labor market requirements on workforce knowledge, skills and competencies.

The Agency provides policy recommendations to the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia (MoES) in the field of vocational education. Moreover, the Agency is supposed to provide the required support to the MoES for the VET policy implementation.

In all its activities, the Agency involves all stakeholders, such as professional associations, employers, VET centers, public organizations, academia, and coordinates their cooperation for the development of market-oriented VET.

Georgia Ministry of Education and Science

The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia aims at establishing modern
and innovative educational and scientific environment in close cooperation with civil
society. The Ministry advocates freedom of choice, fair competition, equal
opportunities, civil integrity, and respect for cultural identity. The Ministry promotes
acquisition and development of knowledge and skills necessary for social success and

Open Society - Georgia Foundation

Open society Georgia Foundation was established in 1994 by New York Open Society institute.

The foundation is a member of a network of foundations established by George Soros. Based on its priorities, the foundation issues grants to non-profit, non-governmental organizations and individuals. The aim of the foundation is to promote values of open society in Georgia. It serves only chartable purposes and the protection of public interests.

The foundation administers national as well as network programs. Network programs are implemented jointly by network organizations of Soros foundation while national programs are being carried out only in Georgia focusing on local problems. Since its establishment Open Society Georgia Foundation’s scope of activities has been ranging from studying and preserving Georgian national cultural heritage to implementing projects in the field of socio-economy and supporting current reforms in the country. The foundation is involved in various directions of social life.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Watch Georgian Dance "Khevsuruli" (Xevsuruli)

Watch Georgian Dance: Khevsuruli (ხევსურული) – This mountain dance is probably the best representative of the Georgian spirit. It unites love, courage, and respect for women, toughness, competition, skill, beauty, and colorfulness into one amazing performance. The dance starts out with a flirting couple. Unexpectedly, another young men appears, also seeking the hand of the woman. A conflict breaks out and soon turns into a vigorous fighting between the two men and their supporters. The quarrel is stopped temporarily by the woman’s veil. Traditionally, when a woman throws her head veil between two men, all disagreements and fighting halts. However, as soon as the woman leaves the scene, the fighting continues even more vigorously. The young men from both sides attack each other with swords and shields. In some occasions, one man has to fight off three attackers. At the end, a woman (or women) comes in and stops the fighting with her veil once again. However, the final of the dance is "open" –meaning that the audience does not know the outcome of the fighting. As a characteristic of Georgian dances, Khevsuruli is also very technical and requires intense practice and utmost skill in order to perform the dance without hurting anyone.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Georgian Museum of Photography

The Georgian Museum of Photography:
Georgia XIX Century
DaguerreotypesThe Masters of PhotographyThe Tiflis Society of Amateur Photographers
Amateur PhotographersArchitectural PhotographyPortraitsGeorgian Family. 1850-1914
Family Albums
Georgia 1918-1921
Georgia, the 1930s. Celebration
Georgia Contemporary Photography
Photography EducationalCentres
Photography Collection
Welcome to our museum! It is open for all who is interested in photography. We tried to present you the way of photography development in Georgia from daguerreotypes till nowadays. You only have to make a choice and examine the exhibit. Comfortable Menu and Site Map will help you to find easily the interesting material. In section " XIX century" you can see some daguerreotypes, get acquainted with creative works of famous professional photographers. The work Tiflis Society of Amateur Photographers and it's members is also of a great interest. Architecture, Portraits, Georgian Family, Family Albums are presented separately. Georgia, 1918-1921 years. Period of existence of the independent country. Georgia,the 1930s. Age of Socialism building within the structure of Soviet Union. In section "Modern Photography" presented are the works of famous photographers as well as the works of new generation photographers. Photography is getting popular in Georgia. Educational institutes are opening. Feminization of photography is also noticeable. In Tbilisi and also in other regions of Georgia are enthusiast collectors of old photos; some of them are presented in the section of a Photo Collection. In "Photographers" are placed the portraits of photographers, photographic stamps, interiors and exteriors of their studios. We'd be glad if the content of our museum will be interesting and usefull for you.

Watch Georgian Dance "Davluri"

Georgian Dance: Davluri (დავლური) – Davluri is also a city dance, but unlike Kintouri and Karachokheli, it portrays the city aristocracy. The dance reminds us of Kartuli. However, the movements in Davluri are less complicated and the male/female relationship is less formal. The dance is performed by many couples and with the music and colorful costumes, paints a picture of an aristocratic feast on stage.

Watch Georgian Dance "Khanjluri"

Georgian Dance: Khanjluri (ხანჯლური) – Historically, Georgians tend to strive for excellence. This trend is portrayed in our folk dances. Thus, many Georgian dances are based on the idea of competition. Khanjluri is one of those dances. In this dance, shepherds, dressed in red chokhas (traditional men’s wear) compete with each other in the usage of daggers and in performing complicated movements. One performer replaces another, and the courage and skill overflows on stage. Since Khanjluri involves daggers and knives, it requires tremendous skill and practice on the part of the performers. Watch Khanjluri Dance:

Free download of Soviet military maps of Georgia

Free download of Soviet Military Maps of Georgia:

Geoland - GPS technology in the Republic of Georgia

Geoland - GPS technology in the Republic of Georgia: GPS navigation, Garmin in Georgia, Maps and cartography: GeoLand Ltd was founded in 2003 by a team of young enthusiastic professionals, dedicated to bringing GPS/GIS technology to Georgia and the South Caucasus.It quickly began growing into a modern GIS technology company and today our team members include specialists in cartography, geography, geodesy and IT, some have background in alpinism and mountain rescue operations.
GeoLand delivers the freshest, largest and most accurate digital map data for Georgia, compatible with all common Geographic Information Systems. In order to let our customers to explore the full potential resulting from using GIS technologies we offer our customers individual coaching and software training.

Territories of the Republic of Georgia (Administrative division)

Administrative-Territorial Division of the Republic of Georgia: Georgia is divided into 9 regions, 2 autonomous republics and 1 city. Read more from:
Abkhazia (Autonomous Republic)
Ajara (Autonomous Republic)
Guria (Region)
Imereti (Region)
Kakheti (Region)
Kvemo Kartli (Region)
Mtskheta-Mtianeti (Region)
Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti (Region)
Samegrelo and Zemo Svaneti (Region)
Samtskhe-Javakheti (Region)
Shida Kartli (Region)
Tbilisi (City)

Lobio - Georgian famous kidney bean salad - recipe

Lobio (Kidney Bean Salad): The word lobio also designates dried beans and the salads prepared from them, mainstays of the Georgian table. Fine red and white kidney beans, smaller than our domestic varieties, grow wild in Georgia and are sold at the market, dried but not sterilized. Sometimes bugs hide in these beans. It has not dampened the longevity of us Georgians one bit. While American processing has taken care of the aesthetics, too often our beans have languished on supermarket shelves. Try to find small beans that are not old and starchy. If you are close to an Armenian community they should have them available.
Lobio is made in dozens of different ways: moistened with herb vinaigrette, pureed with tangy plum sauce seasoned simply with butter and eggs, or mixed with lettuce and celery. The main flavor in this recipe comes from the walnuts. Read the whole recipe from

Friday, June 13, 2008

Ancient Map of Georgia, Venice 1775.

Geography and Map Division of the Library of Congress: Ancient map of Georgia published in Venice in 1775 by Joseph Nicolas de l'Isle, depicts not only Georgia with all its internal ethnic complexities, but also Armenia, among the myriad lesser- and better-known countries and ethnicities in eighteenth-century Anatolia and the Caucasus: Georgia, stretching from the verdant Caucasus Mountains in the north to the Kura River in the south, and Armenia, from the lesser Caucasus mountains in the north through the valleys of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in the south, have been witness to the appearance and disappearance of a host of peoples throughout the ages, all of whom both influenced the Armenians and Georgians and were influenced by them. They included Hittites and Urartians; Persians; Greeks; the Romans and Parthians; Turks and Mongols; and Russians and Europeans. All passed through these land bridges between north and south and east and west. To study the literary, historical, and cultural records of Armenia and Georgia is to cast your net into the sea of all these people. Vital to understanding these lands is knowledge that all Armenian and Georgian literature is essentially Christian literature. Both alphabets were created in the fifth century A.D. chiefly as vehicles to propagate the Christian faith. Much of the Near East collections, then, have to do with Christianity and with the Armenian and Georgian churches:

The Georgian Collections in the Library of Congress

The Georgian Collections in the Library of Congress: Georgia has been represented in the collections of the Library of Congress since its inception. The library of Thomas Jefferson was purchased by Congress in 1815 after the destruction of the original collection during the War of 1812. Jefferson was keen on the sources of antiquity which were replete with mention of the land of Colchis, the home of the princess Medea and of the famed Golden fleece.
Contemporaneous with the creation and growth of the Library of Congress was the Russian conquest of the Caucasian peoples in the first half of the nineteenth century; this caused a rise in academic interest in the peoples of these lands. Scholarly works about them and of their literary and historical products were produced in a wide array of European languages. Many of these reside in the general collections of the Library of Congress. Materials published in the Georgian and related Kartvelian languages, however, were few until the creation of the Near East Section in 1945, which has custody of them. Read more at:

Georgian alphabet and its transcript

Georgian alphabet and its transcript - pdf document from the Library of Congress, USA

Caucasus Online - Tbilisi, Georgia High-Speed Internet Provider

Caucasus Online, - is the first and fastest growing Georgian Internet service provider. We keep leading position on ISP market due to affordable, high quality service we provide. Effective management, cutting-edge technologies and innovation - these are the key ingredients of our success.
Caucasus Online coverage area includes whole Tbilisi and all major towns of Georgia. We have our own fiber network, connected to fastest European backbones. Caucasus Online provides services to 95% of internet customers in Tbilisi. The company provides full Internet access via satellite one hop from New York, NY. :

WWW-VL: Virtual Library: Republic of Georgia History

WWW-VL: Virtual Library: REPUBLIC OF GEORGIA HISTORY: great collection of weblinks related to Georgia. Maintaned by Adrian Brisku, Phd Researcher at European University Institute, Florence, Italy (UIE). Resources in English and Georgian. does pretty much the same as this virtual library. I just hope that will be updated more frequently and have more web resources in English.

The Georgian (Tbilisi) Central State Historical Archive

Tbilisi, Georgia State Archives: Georgia who has the valuable records is one of the countries owing rich archives both in quantity and in quality. The most important and rich archival materials are in the Central State Archives.
The Georgian Central State historical archive of Georgia was founded in 1920. The archive shelters documents dating from 9th century up to 25th of February 1921. The sources of the archive contain historical manuscripts, acts, handwritten books, private funds, funds run by state authorities, courts of law and public prosecutors, military bodies, police offices, institutions of public economy, scientific, cultural and educational institutions and organizations, etc. The archival funds shelter about 1 million items.
The Georgian Central State archive of modern history of Georgia was founded in 1927. In this archive there are kept documents dating from 1921 to the present time. Among the latter one can mention documents of top government authorities, central executive committee, presidium of the supreme council and the council of the ministers of Georgia SSR, different ministries, state committees, administration, industrial associations, factories, scientific and research institutions, centers of higher education, sport societies, trade unions and voluntary organizations, etc., which reflect the historical processes, political, economic and social development of Georgia from 1921 to the present time. In the archive are also kept funds of private origin, pertaining to scientists, professors, engineers, doctors, sportsmen, social activists, etc. 1050 funds of the archive hold more than 800 000 items.
The Georgian Central State archive of film, photo and phonograph documents was founded in 1944. The archive holds 305 000 photo, 28 000 film and 165 00 phonograph documents. Alexander Ivanitski made the oldest photograph that has reached our hands. The first documentary dates to the year 1909. The archive has a rich collection of many prominent cameramen: A.Roinishvili, D.Ermakov, K.Zanisa, N.Sagaradze, I.Tkeshelashvili, D.Abashidze, G.Babalashvili, Z.Zhvania, E.Avetisova, E.Klara and many others. The latter collection represents a valuable ethnographic material reflecting the life of different ethnic groups living in Georgia. The film materials tell us about the First Imperialistic War, the life of the Georgian Democratic Republic in 1918-1921, the occupation of Georgia by the 11 Army of the Bolshevik Russia, the first 5-year plan, forced collectivization, the Stakhanov movement, new buildings and constructions, festivals, decades, days of the Second World War, elections in the government of the republic, etc. In the "Golden Fund" of the archive there are unique records of the composers- Z. Paliashvili, D.Arakishvili, V.Dolidze, singers- B.Sarajishvili, Z.Anjaparidze, N.Qumsiashvili, C.Inaishvili, D.Andguladze, writers and poets- G.Tabidze, S.Chikovani, K.Gamsakhurdia, G.Leonidze, B.Pasternak and many others.

TSU - Tbilisi State University

Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili State University, better known as Tbilisi State University (TSU), is a university established on 8 February 1918 in Tbilisi, Georgia. TSU is the oldest university in the whole Caucasus region. Over 35,000 students are enrolled and the total number of faculty and staff (collaborators) is approximately 5,000.
The University has five branches in different regions of Georgia, 6 faculties, approximately 60 scientific-research laboratories and centers, a scientific library (with more than 3,700,000 books and periodicals), 7 museums, and a publishing house and printing press (for their newspaper, "Tbilisis Universiteti").

Thursday, June 12, 2008

FC Dynamo Tbilisi (Dinamo Tbilisi) Official Website

Football Club Dynamo Tbilisi (Dinamo Tbilisi)- one of the oldest and renowned football teams in Georgia playing for the the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi.
It was one of the strongest teams in the USSR, when the club was a part of the Soviet Dynamo sports society. Its main achievement was winning the Cup Winners' Cup in 1981, beating Carl Zeiss Jena of East Germany 2-1 in the final in Düsseldorf. Here is a picture of the team right after this phenomenal victory. Cup Winners names: O.Gabelia, A.Chivadze, S.Khinchagashvili, N.Khizanishvili, G.Tavadze, V.Daraselia, Z.Svanadze, T.Sulakvelidze, V.Gutsaev, D.Kipiani, R.Shengelia, N.Kakilashvili, V.Zhvania. Goals scored by V.Gutsaev (1:1) and V.Daraselia (2:1). Helmut Schon, World Cup 1974 winner German National Team`s head coach said: "It is to be said directly, Dinamo deserved the victory. This team has top quality performers."FC Dinamo Tbilisi became eastmost European trophy holder team. Website of Dynamo Tbilisi is here. You can find there Dynamo Tb. history, news, results and tournament information.

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Hazelnuts from Georgia - 5-7% of total global hazelnuts market

One of the biggest exports for Georgia is hazelnut (filbert nut). The Georgian hazelnut and walnut traditionally maintains positions among the top ten goods exported from Georgia. In the first half of 2007, these products ranked ninth. They account for approximately 3.4% of Georgian exports. Hazelnuts from Georgia cover 5-7% of the world’s nut market. Nearly 18,627 million USD of nuts are exported from Georgia every year. In 2006, the amount neared 25,591 million USD. Its export share equaled 5.6%. There has been consistent growth of nut production since the 1990s. Since then, nut production has grown 5% annually. ESTADO TRADING LLC, is one of the largest supplier of Georgian Hazelnut. The capacities of Estado factories enable the company to export 450 tons of hazelnut kernels monthly. In seasons of 1999-2003 they provided more than 6000 tons of hazelnut kernels for customers in Western European countries. Another big player is the company Georgian Nuts. Kakha Bochorishvili, a Georgian Nuts spokesman, said, “Our company exports Georgian nuts in almost all European countries. In 2006, we exported 1,300 tons. Third producer I would like to mention is Argo Nuts. LTD Argo Nuts was founded by the joint investment of Dutch company Loyal Capital Group BV and EBRD. The main goal of the company is to process and export Georgian nuts. The nut-processing factory of LTD Argo Nuts was constructed in 2006. It is located in Zugdidi, in western Georgia, where the main reserves of Georgian nuts exist. The factory is equipped with modern Italian Browind technology and has a contemporary lab for quality control. The monthly production volume of the factory equals 1,200 tons. There are rumors that the idea of eastablishing Argo Nuts belongs to Hillary Clinton brothers' Hugh and Tony Rodham. Article from The Independent is here.

Georgia Rugby Union. Georgian Lelos Team - Georgia Rugby News, Results, Standings

Georgia Rugby Union. Georgian Lelos Team: Georgia Rugby News, Results, Standings: Rugby union is one of the most popular sports in Georgia. Rugby is especially popular in the south of the country where the game is more popular than football (soccer). The popularity of rugby union largely took off after the Georgia Rugby Union's inception into the IRB. This has seen rugby union become a major spectator sport. There are currently 2866 registered male players in Georgia according to the International Rugby Board. When Georgia played Russia in the European Nations Cup, 65,000 people crammed into the national stadium in Tbilisi and another 44,000 watched Georgia beat Russia 17-13. Official website of Georgia Rugby Union is here:

Republic of Georgia Phone Calling Codes

Republic of Georgia Phone Calling Codes: To call Georgia from abroad dial +995, then city code (for Tbilisi it is 32) and the phone number you need. Total number of digits (including 995) will be 11. Depending on your phone provider and country you are calling from, prior to 995 you need to dial some prefix. For example, it might be one digit (8) or even three (011). Ask your provider for further instructions. Phone Codes of largest Georgia cities and towns could be found here: Also there are instructions how to call within Georgia and contacts of top mobile phone providers in Georgia: GeoCell, Magti, MegaCom

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The Strategic Research Center (Tbilisi, Georgia)

The Strategic Research Center (SRC) in Tbilisi, Georgia is an independent think tank for policy analysis and development established in 1991 with the mission to support the processes of conceptual and organizational development of new social system and sovereign statehood building in the Republic Georgia. SRC supports policy-making processes in all branches of government, political and social organizations to bring about significant policy and institutional changes.
SRC provides: Analytical Research, Policy Advice, Program Evaluation, Capacity Building, Civic Education.

Georgian Airlines - Airzena

The air company "Airzena Georgian Airlines" operates direct flights to Paris, Frankfurt, Vienna, Amsterdam, Athens, Kiev, Moscow, Dubai, Tel-Aviv, Minsk. Airzena Georgian Airlines was founded in September 1993. The air company primarily operated charter flights to China, Egypt and other countries. For that period in spite of complicated economic and political situation, the air company achieved to get its own place and due to the correct strategy retained its share in the aviation market. On November 1, 1999 the merger of two airlines "Airzena" and "Air Georgia" resulted in foundation of "Airzena Georgian Airlines". It became the biggest air company in Georgia. It was assigned a flag carrier status.
Check the company flights schedule at:
The Georgian Airways fleet includes the following aircraft (as of February 2008):
1 Boeing 737-400
1 Boeing 737-500
2 Bombardier CRJ100
1 Yakovlev Yak-40
1 Yakovlev Yak-42D

Niko Pirosmani Biography and 3 Marias Art Gallery

Niko Pirosmani biography and art gallery. Personal website of three Marias: Niko Pirosmani is what Georgians are proud about, he was self educated artist, who invented new painting technique not only thanks to his great talent but also out of poverty. He is one of the outstanding primitivism painters in the World. But as it usually happenes to greatests - he lived and died in poverty, never recognized by his countrymen while he was alive.

Early Ancient Georgia. (Till the end of the III cen. B.C.)

Early Ancient Georgia. (Till the end of the III cen. B.C.): Brief historic note about Ancient Georgia from the Georgian Parlament website. - It's a very long time that a human lives on the territory of Georgia. Here, near town Dmanisi, was found the remainder of the fossil human (Homo ex gr. erectus) the age of which is Plio-Pleistocene (approximately 1,8 million years). Nowadays this is the oldest fossil man in West Euroasia. During the Stone Age human gradually mastered the whole territory of Georgia. Already in the Acheul epoque (appr. 400-100 thousands years ago), the old dwellings are found as near the Sea, as in the internal regions of the country and in the highland zone of Georgia.

Georgian Wine House - Teliani Valley

Georgian Wine House Teliani Valley: Georgians are one of the oldest wine producers in the world. Georgian Wine House is a great website for those who are interested in this topic. You can learn about the role of wine in georgian culture, history of georgian wine and its significance for georgians. From the wine list explore wines currently available at Wine House. Select your state (in US) to view the list and locations of georgian wine retailers in US. Also, there are 3 recipies of georgian dishes: Georgian lamb stew, Chakapuli, and Teliani Chacha Drinks.

Abkhazia Institute for Social and Economic Research

Abkhazia Institute for Social and Economic Research: Abkhazia Institute for Social and Economic Research (AISER) is founded by Mr. Irakli Gagua and Dr. Ramazi Mitaishvili to enhance interdisciplinary social science research using intellectual potential of refugees from Abkhazia, South Ossetia (Georgia). Since AISER is established, Institute has built an organizational foundation to meet this challenge and achieve its mission and objectives. AISER core mission is to catalyze and produce pioneering research and to shape public policy by integrating knowledge and methods across the social sciences to find ways for peaceful resolution of conflicts in the Georgian separatist regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia by joint project in social and economical spheres with mutual interests, including education, diseases prevention and control. AISER specializes in working on issues related to conflict, human rights, social transformation and social justice, and is managed by a board of directors drawn from the community, voluntary and academic sectors.

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Georgian Streaming TV Online for Free

Georgian TV online for Free: There are several ways to watch Georgian TV being outside of Georgia. I believe there are ways to tune a dish, satellite TV and so on, but I myself prefer watching streaming online TV. Initially I used Rustavi2, However speed of the stream (last time I checked) was terribly slow. For the last several months I get used to watch stream TV from They are not perfect. 1 Arxi and Mze are not working, but as for Rustavi2 and its Courier news program and some other top programs, they work very well. I think to provide high speed and great quality they record programs soon after they go live. Also usually they tape PrimeTime with Inga Grigolia and feature it on their home page (scroll the page down to see it in the bottom). This my post is an exception because I promised to link you only to English language websites related to Georgia. Despani unfortunately is only in Georgian. Well, this is the only Georgian TV portal I know at this point. Let me know if you know more. Georgia is not Russia with its oil and gas and can't afford paying for lavish propaganda channels like "Russia Today". If you want to know more about Georgia, you'd better watch Georgian TV if you understand Georgian, or watch CNN, BBC, or any other really independent global broadcaster if you understand English, but never channels like "Russia Today" And don't be fooled with the nice English accent of their reporters. Oil is a powerful lubricant in hands of Kremlin :) Learn Georgian language - watch Georgian streaming TV online:

37 Best Georgian Cuisine Recipies

Georgia is famous for its great cuisine, one of the tastiest in the world and if you want my opinion, the most tasty in the universe! If you are not in Georgia right now (or at least in Russia and former USSR countries) unfortunately you won't find easily a real Georgian restaurant near you. So, use online recipe book of 37 BEST Georgian Ethnic Dishes and cook georgian food yourself. By the way, I am giving you a real entreprenerial idea for free: "tasty food and no competition". Doesn't it sound like a good market niche to start a great business? You bet! Let me know about your progress :)

Borjomi Waters (Company website)

Borjomi Waters (Company website): The best water I've ever drunk so far! Learn more about this unique treasury of Georgians from the bottling company official website. Georgian Glass & Mineral Waters (GG&MW) company was founded in 1995 and currently the company belongs to Salford investment foundation and private investors, including the corporate top-management. Mineral water "Borjomi" - unique gift of the nature. Each drop of it is a source of health, a youth and beauty. This is your excellent feelings and pleasure of a life - every day. When you go to Georgia, don't miss Borjomi (water and town Borjomi itself). Awesome place! By the way, you can buy Borjomi in many other countries, for example in US. As far as I know, most of so called "Russian" or "European" stores almost in every US town (with the population of 30,000 + ) carry Borjomi mineral water. You know why? It's the best remedy against Russian vodka next-morning hangover :) Try it. Satisfaction guaranteed! :)

Parlament of Georgia Official Website - The Constitution of Georgia

Parlament of Georgia Official website: The Parliament of Georgia shall be the supreme representative body of the country, which shall exercise legislative power, determine the principle directions of domestic and foreign policy, exercise control over the activity of the Government within the framework determined by the Constitution and discharge other powers. On this website you can read recent news and announcements, weekly newsletter. Download pdf file of The Constitution of Georgia, (English translation):

English-Georgian Online Dictionary

Simple but nice online English-Georgian dictionary. Original book "English-Georgian Dictionary" by Tamar and Isidore Gvarjaladze. It contains a lot of abbreviations, geographical, religious, historical names. Changes made by Besiki Sisauri. However to read it properly you need to have installed Geo Times font and therefore you can read it only in Georgian language. There is no phonetic transcript in English (Latin). Though if you are really serious about it, use Georgian letters transcript available on Wikipedia. Here is a link:

Georgian Flag Brief Info

The official flag of Georgia was adopted very recently in the January of 2004 when presidential candidate Saakashvili won the elections and made the flag of his party the official flag of Georgia by law. Today the official flag of Georgia bears resemblance to the flag used in medieval times by the Georgian kingdom and depicts 5 crosses. This flag which is actually 500 years old was revived following Georgia's independence from Soviet Union in the year 1991. The red crosses have their origin in the flag used by Georgian king Vakhtang Gorgasali which was influenced by the cross of St. George . This single cross was transformed into 5 crosses by Queen Tamar but the big cross in the middle still represents the cross of St. George, the patron saint of Georgia. The total of 5 crosses are said to depict the 5 holy wounds on the body of Jesus:

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U.S. Department of State: Georgia country specific information

U.S. Department of State: Georgia country specific information: Information from US Department of State regarding traveling to Georgia: visas, entry/exit requirements, custom regulations, recommendations, tips for travelers and many other things. This is an exceptional source of information for every person traveling to Georgia, not necessarily traveling from the US.

The Georgian Times on the Web

The Georgian Times on the Web: Georgian print media: a tri-lingual weekly newspaper called The Georgian Times.

Rustavi2: Georgian Broadcasting Company

Rustavi2: Georgian Broadcasting Company: Founded in 1994, Rustavi 2 is the most popular and successful broadcasting company in Georgia. Rustavi 2 is a privately owned free-to-air terrestrial broadcaster network that currently reaches 85% of Georgia’s population nationwide. Rustavi 2 provides a diverse range of top quality licensed programming from up-to-the-minute daily news and political talk shows to a range of original entertainment programs, sports, and international hit productions translated into Georgian. Rustavi 2’s programs are consistently top rating throughout the country.

Mining company Quartzite Ltd.

Quartzite Ltd gold mine is situated in the Bolnisi region of Georgia. The mine site is located within the Madneuli Copper Mine, in the hills between Upper Bolnisi village and Kazreti, approximately 80 km SW from Tbilisi the capital of Georgia. The Company recovers gold and silver from stockpiled gold bearing secondary siliceous ore known as "quartzite"

President of Georgia - Mikhail Saakashvili

President of Georgia - Mikhail Saakashvili: Official website of the President of Georgia: Releases, Briefings, Speeches, Visits, Initiatives, Annual report, Interviews, Declarations and messages. You could find personal information regarding the President of Georgia, First Lady, Administration and many other useful links.

Official State Holidays in Georgia

Calendar of the Official holidays in the Republic of Georgia.

Millennium Challenge Georgia Fund - Georgia Region Development Fund

Millennium Challenge Georgia Fund - Georgia Region Development Fund: To implement the Millennium Challenge Compact, Government of Georgia established Millennium Challenge Georgia Fund. The $ 295.3 million-worth Program is a US-Government grant and is implemented according to the priorities of Georgian Government. The grant is intended for Infrastructure Rehabilitation and Enterprise Development in the Regions of Georgia.

Mining company Madneuli

JSC Madneuli -The leading mining company in Georgia contributing more than 10% of Georgian exports.Established in 1975 in Bolnisi region, Georgia. Company’s rich history of mining has distinguished us as a respected precious metals producer in Georgia and post soviet region. While our past is impressive, we are determined to meet the challenges and opportunities for our future holds.

ISI Emerging Markets Georgia: Business, company and industry information for Georgia

ISI Emerging Markets Georgia: Business, company and industry information for Georgia: Business, company and industry information for Georgia. The essential research resource for Emerging Market business information, including Georgia and all former Soviet Republics.

Interactive map of Republic of Georgia

Interactive map of Republic of Georgia: Yahoo Interactive map of Georgia is a useful tool to start your research about Georgia. Location of Georgia relative to other countries. Borders of Georgia. Excellent zoom function enables map to show even small towns and the country road system.

GORBI: Georgian member of Gallup International

The Georgian Opinion Research Business International, (GORBI Gallup International) is the oldest market and opinion research organization.

Georgian Holidays Travel Company

Travel Company Georgian Holidays: Experienced team offers you high quality service. Our mission is to put together your perfect trip, to help you with wide array of travel options, support your personal preferences with creative solutions. Easy planning and efficient management will make your holidays unforgettable.

Georgia: Past, Present, Future...

Georgia: Past, Present, Future... : Personal website of Alexander (Aleko) Mikaberidze. The main goal of this site is to provide information about Georgia to the English-speaking world. You will find information about Georgian language, literature, culture, religion, heraldry.

Georgia Today on the Web

Georgia Today on the Web: Georgia Today is Georgia’s leading independent English-language newspaper, published weekly since 2000. Georgia Today is distributed throughout Georgia and internationally, and has an office on the East Coast USA. With the largest distribution area and the highest quality of printing and layout, we pride ourselves on Georgia Today’s reliability, professionalism and constant striving for improvement.

Georgia Tbilisi International Airport

Georgia Tbilisi International Airport: Tbilisi Airport arrival and departure, flights information; Tbilisi Airport guide, Tbilisi Airport Flight Planner; Tbilisi city Guide

Georgia Map and Information page from

Georgia Map and Information page from Georgia, situated at the dividing line of Asia and Europe, is an ancient country of rugged mountains and very determined people. Annexed by Russia in 1801, it regained its sovereignty in 1918. It then suffered through 70 years of Communist rule and suppression, finally declaring its independence from Russia in 1991.

GBC - Georgian Business Consulting

GBC - Georgian Business Consulting: Comprehensive information on Georgian business, news, market research, financial indicators of Georgian companies, tenders, business plans, business proposals, and business catalogues. Comprehensive information on Georgian economy, its development trends and current events; macroeconomics, financial and labor markets, investments, export-import indicators, analyses of draft laws.

Dual citizenship in Georgia

Dual citizenship in Georgia: Regulation on Granting Georgian Citizenship to a Citizen of Foreign State. Information from the Official website of the President of Georgia.

Dow Jones Factiva: Georgia business news, financial, company, executive information

Dow Jones Factiva - Georgia business news, financial, company, executive information: Dow Jones Factiva products and services provide essential business news and information together with the content delivery tools that power the intelligent enterprise. Search on you will get full information about Georgian economics and politics.

Countries that don't exist: Abkhazia and South Ossetia

Countries that don't exist- Abkhazia and South Ossetia: Georgian unresolved conflicts. Two parts of the country (Abkhazia and South Ossetia) are not yet fully integrated into Georgia. To learn more about this problem check unbiased report from a BBC channel correspondent (4 parts) on YouTube

Central Intelligence Agency: Georgia in the World Factbook

Central Intelligence Agency: Georgia in the World Factbook: The region of present-day Georgia contained the ancient kingdoms of Colchis and Kartli-Iberia. The area came under Roman influence in the first centuries A.D. and Christianity became the state religion in the 330s. Domination by Persians, Arabs, and Turks was followed by a Georgian golden age (11th-13th centuries) that was cut short by the Mongol invasion of 1236.

Best Georgian Music - streaming georgian music of different genres

Best Georgian Music - streaming georgian music of different genres: Web resource devoted to Georgian music initially was created by Mrs. Maya Urushadze (1999) and then the Fund Lana took care on the website design and on the adding of new music pieces to the website. Best web library of Georgian music: streaming Georgian music of different genres from pop to classics and sacred music. You can play it online for free or buy CD:

Abkhazia News. Official website refugees from Abkhazia

Abkhazia News. Official website refugees from Abkhazia: Full information about the conflict in Abkhazia and problems still existing in this region of Georgia

Invest in Georgia

Georgian National Investment Agency (GNIA) - An agency under the Ministry of Economic Development of Georgia. It is the only Government agency responsible for investment promotion and facilitation. It is designed to act as a "one-stop-shop" for comprehensive information about investment opportunities in Georgia.GNIA Goals and Objectives:- Promoting Georgia internationally - Increasing awareness of Georgia as an investment destination - Supporting FDI and registering new foreign investments - Fostering public-private dialogue in order to build a better and more prosperous environment for private sector development and economic growth: